Well going open-source seems to be the next logical step for these technologies`


Sharing all of the code and giving the world a chance to help improve, enhance, and add to your suite of games’


I hope the guys all embrace this idea, because historically it also increases the number of users,


…and it goes hand-in-hand with Bingo Tradition,


 One of the greatest gifts of the Bingos was Innovation`


 Each generation of machines different; new, changing and evolving – Keeping the Players interested and involved with the games`






With each of us having at least one cellphone, laugh, I guess it is only natual to see a few phona apps developed – Cool`




_ SwK _


Link - Sweet, this thing works pretty good`








flipper bingo gratis apk screenshotflipper bingo gratis apk screenshot


flipper bingo gratis Screenshots



Link - Phone App - Flipper Bingo Gratis ver. 1.8







“Bingo Pinball Dragon”


Real attitude, now that is Cool`



Link - Phone App - Kowloon Dragon ver. 1.22





~ Here is a Bingo App from Android Jeux I stumbled across! ~



The Pinball Bingo is a six card, eleven coin Bingo game that guarantees player action. The initial six coins put all cards in play.

With the seventh and eight coins, diagonal line winners become available.


Magic Numbers


After the ninth and tench coins are inserted and the first ball shot, the magic numbers flash and one remains lit on a mystery basis.

If a player gets a ball into hole indicated by a lit magic number, all scores are doubled in cards selected by the ninth and tenth coins.


Double-Double Feature


When eleven coins are played, upon shooting the first ball, Double-Double selection lights flash and one or two remain lit on a

mystery basis. Magic Numbers are also activated and any winner on a card with Double-Double and Magic Number features lit

scores double-double. Subsequently, using the Double or Nothing feature makes even double-double-double scores possible.


Other favorite scoring highlights are continued in the Pinball Bingo - corners score as 5-in-line. Superlines in which (when lit)

3-in-line scores as 4-in-line and 4-in-line as 5-in-line.




7-digit Replay Meter`

Coin Slot`




In Pennies that is a minimum of $10,000 dollars….
























































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