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There are quite a few “knock-offs” out there, but here is a collection of the “Custom” games that I know people had to take some time to make`


Some of these are simple and some full-blown, but all required someone to make a considerable effort to craft`




~  Custom Bingos from the Private Sector  ~


Old Archive Pages

Spin`...Atlantic City

1776 America 1976

Tennesse X8 - OK-game

Bally Variety Name Change

Nice Little custom - Miss Turbo`

A few Bounty's also got the Treatment`

Bally Golden Gate

Continentals - Extra Magic Number 13

Custom Paint Work - Blue Chip

R. Biros - Six Shots

Custom Artwork - Jack Daniel's

Custom Artwork - Star Time

Custom Miss America 75..?

Argentine Pennant Game

Custom Artwork - Miss Philippines

Single Coin Sunset Bingo

So, what qualifies as Custom Artwork`

Custom Artwork - Sea Fair

Custom Artwork - Gaye Time

Custom Artwork - Ticker Tape 74

Custom Artwork ...the Baseball Games`

Custom Design - Roller Derby

Custom Paint - Bally Key West

Custom Artwork - Single Coin games`

Custom Artwork - BGS Bounty

Custom Artwork ...the Rocket Games`

Custom Artwork - Kid's Games`

Custom Artwork - BGS Bikini

Custom Artwork - Bay Belle

Custom Artwork - Skippy`

Custom Artwork - Laguna Beach

Custom Artwork - Skippy`

Custom Artwork - Bally Big Time

Custom Artwork - Eight Spot`

Custom Artwork - Bally o-Wall Street`

Custom Artwork - Bally Beauty

Unique Name - Lotta Fun

Custom Artwork - Gayety gets a Spin`

Custom Artwork - USA-FUN

Custom Artwork - Lotta Frolics

Custom - 42nd and Broadway

Custom Artwork - Arizona

Custom Artwork - Desert-Theme Bingos

Custom Artwork - Bally Orient

Custom Artwork - United Circus BG

Daytona Beach - Custom Bally Spin

Custom Artwork & Design - Having Fun

Custom Hawaii - Nice Clean Artwork

Custom Artwork - Surf Club

Calypso  - Magic Squares Bingo

Custom Artwork - BGS Circus Queen

Custom Artwork - Laguna Beach

Custom Artwork & Design - Sho Gal






~  Custom Belgium games from the The Dead Zone / The Dead Years  ~




Pin Ball Green Park

Continental 2000

Miss Super Belgium

Magic Miss Turbo

Multi Game - "Knock-off"

Miss 2000 Turbo

Miss Reno - "Knock-off"

Brodway - The Dead Zone

Golden Six II

The Classy Continental Playfield

Unknown New Continental Golden

Miss Americana

Continental Turbo - Unknown



Super Continental – Dead Zone or Years

Super King - Skittle Bingo Kit`

Golden Winner- Miss Bonus Kit

Miss Splin – Skittle Bingo

New Continental - 6-Card Export?

Mississippi-family of Bingos`

Magic Screen Kits

Diamond Continental II

Magic Screen Kits

Miss America 1986 - v1

Miss America 1986 - v2

Miss America 1986 - v3

Miss America Family

Miss America 1986 & Miss Golden

Miss America - v1



General Automated Amusement Company




~ Custom Bingos from the United States of America ~




Single Coin Bingos

Daytona Beach

Custom Golden Gate

Desert Theme Bingo - v1

Coin Device Mfg - Having Fun

Seattle Game – Bally Sea Fair

Desert Theme Bingo - v2

42nd and Broadway

1952 Bally Miss California?

Desert Theme Bingo - v3

...the Rocket Games`

Rio Bros – Six Shot

“Summertime” – Cash Payout Pinball

1952 United Circus- Nice Repro BG



French Miss America - II

Pennant-Themed Miss America

Custom Miss America Bingo Pinball

French Miss America

Miss America` a few Rules...

modello Miss America 1970

Knock-off "Miss America"


The “Wall Street” Bingos

Super Wall Street


~ Collin’s Skill Pins ~



Introduction and Overview`

Skill Pins - Euro Continental Star

Skillpins Montana  - USA Import?

Opinion No. 4028

Skillpins Pinball Backglass Detail

Collins - South Carolina News

Collins Skillpins – Some History

Skill Flipper - Euro Continental Star

Curious - Skill Flipper Green Diamond

Skill Pins – Programmable Marquee

Skill Pins - Montana - USA

Skill Pins - Splin Montana 2000 - USA

Skill Flipper _ Skill Pins?

Jay Stafford provides a bit more History

Skill Pins/Skill Flippers - Jay helps us`

Skill Pins Update

Skill Flipper/Georgia Gold Bingos

Skill Pins Internals and Score Cards

Wimi - Green Diamond Skill Pin?

Skill Pins Law Case

Skill Pins or Late Model Bally Bingos?

Skill Pins – II

Skill Flipper – I

Skill Pins – III






~ Casey Bally Conversions ~

Introduction and Overview`

Initial Cost #s for these Conversions

1st n' 2nd Generation Casey Bingos

Casey Dixieland Boards

S.S. Dixieland Parts in Alabama!

Casey Dixieland - Repair Notes

Casey Solid-State Bally High Flyer

Casey Dixieland Identification

Casey - Wall Street Special (High Flyer)

SS Dixieland

Casey Dixieland Kits

Casey - Digital Bally High Flyer

Casey Converted Dixieland

Taito Miss America Supreme Bingos

IGT Built Dixieland

Taito Miss America Supremes II













Now admittedly there was quite a bit of expertise and skill behind this effort, but this is what is possible out back in your garage`


Joe Shope at his Best























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