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The scoring on these things is pretty Cool`…Enjoy`



Now remember, these are/were payout games`







5-in-Line on Key West

Beach Beauty Wins

A great cup of Joe

Bally Variety Scoring

Turning Corners




5-in-Line on Sea Island

Miss America 5-in-Line

Scoring on Keeney's Lite-a-Line

5-in-Line on 42nd and Broadway.

Mystic Lines - Color Zones

(8) Balls & No Score - Yikes`

Section Scoring - Malibu Beach

...a nice 5-in-Line on Beach Time

In-Skirt Scoring

Super Card score on Beach Club

...Colored Lines scoring`

5-in-Line on Miss Universe

It's Show Time`

...a couple - 1958 Carnival Queen`

A couple of fun games - Circus Queen



5-in-Line on Havana

A Very Nice Game - 1957 Sun Valley

5-in-Line win on Big Time

4-in-Line on Miss Nevada

5-in-Line on a Bally Beach Time

4-in-Line win on Pixies

United Circus Gameplay &  Scoring

Silver Sails  "Golden Game" Jackpot`

...maybe the only Bingo`

(4) Hits in the Blue - Ballerina

Corners Score - Bally Bingos

Dan's Miss America Deluxe * 5-in-Line

5-in-Lines on a Bally Gay Time – 1955

Sun Valley Days.....

192-OK – Frank’s Golden Gate




4-in-Line on a Bally Variety

John “Smacks” his Laguna Beach

3-in-Line scores on my Surf Club

154 on a Silver Sails ??

Scoring on Wimi’s Euro Skittle

Miss America 75’ – Two 4-in-Lines

Bonus 7 _ Will Knock Your Socks Off!!

5-in-Line on a Bally Broadway

3556 Credits on a Lite-a-Line??

(5) of (6) cards on a 6-Card Bingo

2400 Payout on Dixieland!!

The Biggest Loser

4-in-Line _ Miss Bowling Golden

Nice 5-in-Line on Vic’s Night Club

5-in-Line _ Bright Lights


4-in-Line – John’s Miss America

5-in-Line Double Score on a Bally (Vic)

Bally Acapulco _ Jeffery Lawton

5-in-Line – Bally Beach Club

5-in-Line – Double-Header

Jerry Hits w/Odds Pegged at 600

Lighting up 12 Numbers w/5 Balls??

5-in-Seciton Hit – Bahama Beach

Memories: Players Highest Payout

5-in-Line win on Big Time

“4 Separate Colors” – Golden Gate

“Ripping It Up” on a pair of OK Games

“Super Card” win on my Bally Big Time

Manhattan 4-in-Line - Clean!

4-Corners on two cards – Dixieland



Backbox Instruction Cards` ...Bally

Euro Continental Star Score Card

Sirmo New Orleans Score Cards

Some Unique United Circus Score Cards

Detailed Miss Bowling Cards

European Bingo Player Cards`

Score Cards - Custom

Score Cards Serial Numbers Mystery?

European Score Cards – Wimi

European Score Cards – Sirmo

Score Cards – Finally some Detail!

Score Card – Custom

United Score Cards - Rare`

Odd Miss Belgium Score Card

Hybrid Metal-Style Score Cards

Bally Nashville Playfield/Score Cards

Odd Moulin Rouge Score Card

Skill Pins Internals and Score Cards

Label-Maker Score Cards

United ABC Score Cards

Oddball _ United Tropics Score Cards







Now when you get out past the “D” Screen on one of these Magic Screen games, things really start getting interesting`


The number of special zones available is crazy`…and you have a huge combination of possible wins`

Pretty soon, you are dropping 5-balls right into a Color Section


…perhaps the Red Super Section w/White Stripes like our good-friend Kevin here`


Paying out at Red Odds`



Basically, some fat money`…450-nickels in 1962`

















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