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It looks like a “forum” on the Internet is an area where people chat about their common interests`…Pretty Cool`


I only know of two forums dedicated to the Bingos, but we kind of fit into the Pinball Community too`


The BingoButch area on facebook is very active with +500 members for the Bingos


…and the U.K. is still posting TapTalk for the Bingos and have a site for Bally on facebook`



This top set of links are forums that have several Bingo related entrees and folks knowledgeable on the games`





FlipperMarkt (FM)


Retro-Flip - France

FlipperTreff - Denmark ...Google

AussiePinball ...Australia

FlipperFrance Forum

AussieArcade ...Australia

Maaca Forum.Canada

Petacos - Españoles

Pinside Forum.America

Forum Italiano Flipper


Vecchi Flipper.Italy

Bingo Pinball EM Machines - FB


Bingo Butch & Friends - FB





BingoButch Forum`...#1 for the Bingos




Ballys in Britain ...Tapatalk






So, some of this this history doesn’t get lost, I have started copying a few pages to this Archive


New Life Games

Ambiance Flipper

Aussie Arcade Restoration

Xmissions (Dianna's Pinball) - Tilt

FlipperFrance "Buying a Splin"

French Emutribu – 10-28-2014

PinballInfo _ Sirmo Dixieland Tech

FlipperFrance "Golden Gate"

Tips _ Playfield Restoration

Arcade-Museum _ Carnival Queen

VPforums _ Virtual Keywest

Place2Play _ "Sirmo/Splin"

Forum Italiano Flipper

ArcadeControls - Does anyone?

Forum Italiano Flipper "Have any Bingos" "Rubber Rings" "Pins + Balls" "Pinball Hustlers" "Older Machine Worries" "Wanting a Bingo"




Maaca - 1954 Bally Surf-Club Repair

Maaca - The 2015 Ottawa Show

Maaca - The Canadian-Mounties

Maaca - "Antique Days" - UBs!i

Macca a Forum - "Canadian Laws"

Maaca - Is it Heavy" - Smile!

maaca (Canada) _ Wanted`

Pinside _ yr Bally Bingo bulbs

Pinside (OC) Errors _ Solid-State

Pinside _ Bingos (Your Opinion)

Pinside _ On the way to New York 2013

Pinside _ Cleaning Your Internals

Pinside _ Nice "First Bingo"

Pinside _ Sirmo New Orleans Repair

Pinside _ Bingo Vacation

Pinside _ Bingo Hunting?

Pinside _ Bally Payout Kits

Retrovicio - South America

Marciano (Spain) _ Bingo Masters

Insert Coins _ "Solid-State RAM"

Retrovicio - Cirsa7

Marciano (Spain) Bingo del cambalache

Insert Coins _ Concorde Internals





Retro-flip Miss America Deluxe


Gameroom (Belgium) _ Continental

Retro-flip _ French _ Hawaii Tilt

Flipper France - Flipper Bingo

Gameroom (Belgium) _ List of Threads

Retro-flip - High Flyer Reflex??

FlipperFrance - The Deadzone!




FJ - d'arcade et de jeux pour cafés

Files Flipjuke 2020


Flipjuke _ MSI President t/Shooting

Flipjuke - Splin Bingo Problem

FlipJuke _ Les Bngos

Flipjuke _ TSCC Super Bounty

Eeprom Golden Continental

Flipjuke _ Wimi Programming

Flipjuke _ ?? REFLEX ??

Flipjuke - WIMI Miss Belgium Turbo

Flipjuke _ Sirmo Code Problem




Vecchiflipper - TSCC Continental One Ball


Vecchiflipper "An Older Game"

Vecchiflipper - Sirmo Penalty 2

Vecchiflipper - Blue Chip

Vecchiflipper - Royal Skittle - Pg1

Vecchiflipper- Miss America 75 - Pg1

Vecchiflipper - Sirmo Miss America - Pg1

Vecchiflipper - Royal Skittle - Pg2

Vecchiflipper - Miss America 75 - Pg2

Vecchiflipper - Sirmo Miss America - Pg2



FlipperForum Continental Super 7



FlipperForum Continental Super 7

FlipperForum • Aeneas

FlipperForum (Belgium) _ GDs

FlipperForum (Belgium) _ Bally Tilt

FlipperForum (Belgium) _ GGs








As you can see, these forums are across the Globe`….Nice`








Another great example of the European forums is FlipperMarket out of Denmark



Old familiars and then stuff you just do not find anywhere else`

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I have a folder of these somewhere I will also post here`…This is a very nice website with a lot of recent activity`











Hugh's Old Forum






Denmark Forum Pages





Older Archive`...Introduction & Overview




























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