Jan 2023





Some folks say it takes years to truly know the Bingos`…and in many ways that is true`


That owning one, playing it, and opening it up and jumping inside is the best way to learn`…all true, but even then, most people (even the experts) need help`


So, for people new to the games, I have started a few pages to help introduce the Bingos`





~ Pages on the Odds, the Features, and notes on How-to-Play ~

The Bally Bingo Check List (R. Jensen)




Spell-Name ...Nevada

Wimi Mystery Scores

Spell Name ...Hawaii

In-Skirt Scoring

United One-Card Bingos

4-Corners on a Digital Bingo



6-Card Playfield Scoring

Touchdown's Star Feature

Bally's Golden Game

Backbox Instruction Cards` ...Bally

...features Euro Bingo 7

6-Card Bingos - Progressive Odds

The handrail buttons R, D, C`

The first bingo with Super Lines`

Magic Lines` ....one more look`

Super 7 Seven's - Crazy Seven

6-Card Bingos - 4-Corners

Gay Times` - Magic Pockets

Progressive Bonus - Double Green Score

...the Splin Montana Magic Tower

Playing the Montana De Luxe

...the game play - Palm Beach

Green Diamond Bonus

“How-to-Play – II” _ Phil Bogema

The Orange

“How-to-Play” _ Phil Bogema

...the Ballyhole - Beach Time

...the Basics - 3-Card Bingos

...the Ballyhole - Show-Time

...Advancing Odds & Features

...the game play - Miss America Deluxe

...the Turning Corners games

...the features - Diamond Diagonals

...the features - Strike Numbers

...the Super Lines

...a new TOP-ROW feature

Double and Triple Score Features

...the HOLD feature

...the features - Super Cards

...the Famous “SPOT” Feature

...a bingo with a Magic Card

...the features - Super Score

...the "OK" Games

...the features - Stop and Shop *

...the Magic Lines

...the  Magic Lines - Restart

...the features - Jungle Gmes

...the features - Playfield Scoring

...the Magic Lines - Twin-Card

...the One Balls

...the Magic Squares

...the Golden Games

...the One Balls

...the Select-a-Spot

...the Basics - 2-Card Bingos - Corners

Galaxy's Try Again Feature

...the Magic Lines

...the Basics - What are Bingo Pinballs?

...the features - Miss America 75

...the One Balls

...the One Balls

...the Basics - 3-Card Bingos

...the Basics - Probability-Matrix




...the Magic Screens

...the Pick ’n ’Play

...the game play - As detailed by Vic

...the Magic Screens - Japanese

...the game play – Bright Lights

...the game play - Full Screen Bingos

...the Basics – 1-Card Bingos

...the 6-Card Bingos - Graphics Games

...game play - Embedded TFT Graphics

...the Magic Lines

...the 6-Card Bingos – Card Features

...the game play - 6-Card Basics

...the Rollovers

...feature info from the “Bingo King”

...the Red Letter games




...the Magic-Screens

...the Basics - Learning to Play

...the Lite-a-Name games

...the Magic Squares

...the Basics – Cabinet Terminology

Score Cards / Super Lines / Skill Scores

...the Basics – 2-Card Bingos

...the Basics - United Manuals

...the Magic Lines

...the features - United Playfields

...the Magic Pockets

...the Ballyhole

...the game play – Bonus 7

...the Mystic Lines

...the Mystic Lines








~ Manuals Worth Mentioning ~



Bally Bonanza Manual


Wilms Export Company N.V. Manuals

1955 Bally Gayety Theory

Very Nice - United's Monaco

Bally Manuals from ARM Publishing

United vs. Bally – The Detail

Maintenance Tips - Malibu Manual

Ballys Colored Manuals

Sirmo Bingo Manuals

Ballys “Confidential” Manuals

1977` Bally High Flyer

Cirsa – K7 Kursaal Manuals

Bright Lights - One of Several?

United Manuals – Learning the Bingos

Bali Manual and a couple Surprises

 Bally Manuals - Adjustment Plugs

Maintenance Tips - Malibu Manual

Bally Bingo Pinball Manuals

United's Triple Play Manual

Helpful Manual - United Pixies

Universal Star – A “Users” Manual

Spot Lite Manual - Wiring Correction




~ Restorations ~


What I like about these links, is they show “regular folks” like you-and-me

fixing-up and repairing the games`



Aussie Arcade - Bingo Restoration




Big Show Restoration Work

Miss America 75 Restoration

1957 Miss America Work

Circus Queen Restoration Work

Brazil Restoration Work

Show-Time Restoration Work

Carnival Queen Restoration

1962 Bally Shoot-A-Line

Phil B's Bright Lights




Bally Super 7 Restoration

Playfield Plating Rework

Crosswords Backglass Restoration

Denmark - Bally Hawaii

La Riparazione del Flipper Bingo

Restauración Playfield… Se puede!!

Netherlands – Showtime

okorange's "Phil" Carnival Queen

Bluesection shaes his Bally Bikini

Argentina Restoration

okorange's "Phil" Carnival Queen - I

Steve shares his Bikini

Argentina Restoration – II

...some video Surf Club Playfield

...very nice a Bally Reborn




~ Basic Technical - Learning the Bingos ~


Now Phil’s pages tell you everything you need to know on how to

repair the games, but I am adding these for those new to technology`


Russ Jensen – Trouble-Shooting Guide

Electro-Mechanical Repair Guide


The "Jones" Plugs


Zeroing the Magic Screen

Adjusting the Reflex

Roller Derby Stops Working

Shutter Operation 101

Backglass Care 101

Dixieland Scoring Problems

Operation Early 6-Card Games

Bali Scoring Problem

Cabinet Terminology

The Best Maintenance Tips

Begin the Repairs

The Best Maintenance Tips




Knock-Off Circuit

Bally Adjustment Plugs

Big Wheel Detector Assembly

Rubber Rings Plus

Replay Counter Operation & Repair

Rubber Rings Plus

Bally Mixer & Spotting Assembly

Bally Backbox Relay

Bally Control Unit

Schematics #1 - The Power Rails

Bally 6-Card - “Start-up Sequence”

Inside your Bally Show Time

Opening up your Backbox`

Bally Model Numbers & Schematics

The Most Common Bingo Problems

Fuses 101 - Bingo Always Tilted

Intro: Mixers & Magic Screen

Ball Lift 101 ...Third Ball Problem

Extra Ball Problem - Resources

Magic Screens 101 - Reset/Index

Tilt Problem - 20-hole Coin Play

Miami Beach - #13 Doesn’t Light

Magic Screens 102 - Maintenance

Bally Night Club – Scoring Problem

Visual Inspection - Problem Solving

Trouble-Shoot Kumback Key

Adjusting the Scoring on your Bali

Steve Smith and a couple of Bikini tales

Shorts 101 - 16/19 Lighting Same Time

Bingo Playfield Care / Maintenance




Russ Jensen Inside Your Bingo








~ Through the Years  ~


1951 was the first year of the Bingos and the Honors clearly must go to United Manufacturing`

Lyn Durant and his team release five Bingos in the last seven months of the year`…phenomenal`



The 1st Bingo Pinballs


May 1951 ...the 1st Month of the Bingos`






The 1952 "Spottem" Games







1953 ushered in Super Cards for both Bally and United


Super Cards Highlight






Lite-a-Name Highlight




Magic Pockets Highlight













22-years to go`