Well, I guess I really should have named this section Books, Magazines, and Articles


There is some real history here`…some of it a bit hard to find, some of it downright scarce ~ Enjoy`





GameRoom Magazine – Aug 1996 Vol 8

GameRoom Magazine - Vic Camp

GameRoom – July 2007 Vol XX

GameRoom Magazine – Feb 2006 Vol 18

GameRoom Magazine – Apr 1998 Vol 10

Gameroom Magazine – Vic Camp

GameRoom Magazine – July 1999 Vol 11

GameRoom Magazine – Feb 1994 Vol 6


The Bingo Check List (Russ Jensen)


Russ Jensen’s Pinball Expo 86’

Russ Jensen: 5 Cents - 5 Balls

Russ Jensen – “Pingames & Gambling”

Russ Jensen – Pinball Scoring Themes

Russ Jensen – Enter “Bingos”

Russ Jensen – “It’s OK”

Russ Jensen – Variety

Russ Jensen – Multi-Coin Pinballs

Russ Jensen – “Inside Your Bingo”




Variety – Jim’s Corner

Dude Ranch – Jim’s Corner

Miami Beach – Jim’s Corner

Beach Club – Jim’s Corner

Beach Time – Jim’s Corner

Atlantic City – Jim’s Corner

PGJ - Carol's Catastrophe`

How to make In-Line Scores – Vic Camp

Pin Game Journal – Nov 1992

“Bingo Story” – By Phil Bogema

Playing the 6-Card Bingos – Vic Camp

PGJ #108 – Dr. Bingo “Techs in Training

How to play a Bingo – Phil Bogema

Very Continental – Vic Camp Article

Pin Game Journal - June 1996

How to play a Bingo – By Phil Bogema

Pin Game Journal – Aug 1999

"Jeffery Lawton's Desk"

Spinner Magazine - June 2000

Jeffery Lawton – “The Doctor”

Mr. Lawton – Bikini Extra Ball Problem

Spiiner Magazine - December 2000

Jeff Lawton – “Extra Balls Training"

Spinner Magazine - December 1999

Jerry Kaczmarek   ...in the News`

The Great Pinball Menace`

Las Vegas Review - Jerry's Legend`

Do You Remeber ....Nickel Machines

Last of the Bingo Kings.txt

The Straight Dope - Flipperless Pinballs

American Coin-Op History - I

Terrance Fagan - Bumper-to-Bumper

Seattle's Sketchy Past`

“Gambling on the Down Low”

Bally-Who - A 1959 Bally Newsletter

Aeneas - "Belgium Bingo Machines"

At The Top Of My Want List

Out of Bingos...?

Cheating 101

Life Magazine Article – 1957 – Oregon

Larry and his Bingos

Historical Pinball Article

Getting A Bang – Mike McLeod

Charlie Central – Nice Story & History

Antiquing & Collecting – Apr 2003

“Justice My Ass”

A visit with Harry Williams

Gambling on the Down Low

Clay Harrell on the Wonderland Arcade

Article – Altered Ohio Dime Game

Larry et ese Bingos

The “Bingo Theme” Story

The Toledo Blade 1954

Then and Now...

Bally-Who - A 1955 Bally Newsletter













There are four books that need Honorable Mention




~  Bally ~ The World’s Game Maker  ~



This is an excellent read for insight to the “inner workings” behind Bally

Looking inside at family, and the business of Ray Maloney and his creation Lion Manufacturing`













~  PINBALL by Santiago Ciuffo  ~


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This view of the games from Argentina is somewhat unique among all the books on Pinballs

Modern and packed with style and stunning artwork`…back by a World perspective of this Art



It is wonderful that a few of our favorites from the earliest days find a home in this Collection`











~  Bingo Pinball Machines  ~



Jeffery Lawton’s book from the start`…was destined to be a Classic


Admittedly this thing is full of low-quality pictures, but this still rings true as the definitive story of the Bingos











~  The Bingo Pinball War United vs. Bally  ~




Mr. Lawton really steps up and delivers here`…if you are only going to get one book, this is it`

Jeff thoughtfully lays out this volume, taking you inside the machines and the story behind the Bingos`










































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