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Dictionary: gam·ing / ˈɡāmiNG / the action or practice of playing gambling games`


America’s gaming history with pinballs stretches way back into the early 30s with the Ballegate machines. The first table-top games, literally sitting on the bars waiting to take your penny’s. Trade Stimulators. The 40s would usher in the One Ball games, the Horse Race machines, that would lead us into the 50s and the start of a gambling legacy that would stretch for decades to come`


The in-line Bingo Pinball machines`


The 1950s Era is also special because photography is becoming quite common, and newspapers are now syndicated across the Country`

As the controversy of these games starts to rise Nationally, the games start getting captured and exposed in photos`


Really giving us our first chance to look back and share that history in detail`


As such, I have started collecting these Remnants



Antique Photo Archive

Antique Photo Archive



~  Photos with Known History  ~



1962 Multnomah County, Oregon


The Villager Tavern 1975`

Overton Square 1970s

Warsaw, Indiana 1958

The Pike - Long Beach, CA

1960 Graceland, TN

1954 Alabama

Playmatic Super Win - Barcelona

Ruby Starr Smokey Places

Indiana's Pinball Wars

Chicago 1963 _ Item #1

circa 1956 - Toledo, Ohio

51` Bally and 52` United w/Hoppers

1955` L.A. - Sheriff Destroys Coin-ops`

1959` Pinballs in Cuba w/Soldier

The Sun Times - Bingo being Destroyed

1971` Utah - Sheriff Destroys Pinball

Captain Midnight 1970

1967 Texas - Lawman Destroys Bingo

1963`Seattle  - FBI Raids - Silver Sails

Chicago Pinball Expo - Photo "For Sale"

Senate Labor Rackets Meeting

51` maybe 52` - Philadelphia Dists?

Kansas City 1968` Wonderland Arcade

1972 New Orleans - TAC Amusement Co,

The Block - Baltimore

w/History - Bally’s in Cuba

B.B. Snack Bar

1972 New Orleans - Eddie's

w/History - Tommy in Guam - Sweet!

Boston 1980 - The Quiet Man Tavern

1958 - Spokane, Washington

New Orleans - October 1970`

L.A. - 4107 Jefferson Highway

June 72`- The Times Picayune

Nov 72`New Orleans 3-page Article

New Orleans 1972 - Al's Jazz Room

New Orleans Bingos`

Chicago 1963 Pinball Police Seizure

Las Vegas at Jimmy Snowden's

1956 Court Case in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Germany 1967 - Flipper-Automat

1985 - Pinball House at George Street`

Boston 1980 - Jimmy's Lounge

1968 Austria - Bally Key West

Denver 1957 - Odd Court Hearing

Antique Photos - The M&M Tavern

1958 - Oregon Penny Arcade

1954 - Royal Distributing Company

1957 - Galveston Texas

1964 Denver Court Case - Tax Stamps

1967 - Chicago, Illinois

Los Angeles, California 1955

1966 Police Seizure - Curious Citizens

1957` Belvedere Billiards (Benny's)









~ Photos with Unknown History ~




Please help identify these photos, either news source and/or City and State




Whitney's Pool Hall

Trouble with a capital T

1962 Pinball Ephemera

Cash Box & The King

Candida Höfer Pinballs 1973

?? Bally Engineering ??

(4) men and a Bally Show Time

Where are these Seattle Times images`

(3) men and an Ice Frolics

Court Hearing - Bally Miss America

Newspaper Article - Bingo Guts

Warehouse full of Lotta Fun Bingos

Unknown sheriff destroying a Bingo

...circa 1955 - New Corner Cafe`

...a room full of Bingos`

...a Bingo and two Beauty Contests

1950s - Model posing next to a Bingo

...a Cop and three Beach Time bingos`

...dressed men and a Bingo - 1955`

Row of Bingos and one Pinball Seized

Room full of Bingo Pinballs - Hawaii`

Family Photos - United Circus

1950s Random Private Photo - America

Politicians Destroying Bingos

Two Bingos Covered In Junk

...a Hi-Fi with a couple Surprises!

2 Men / Room Full Bingos - Seized

2 Guys - Tavern - Bingo " No Payouts"

Runyon Cancer Fund - Lyn and Ray`

Several Un-Syndicated Pictures



~ Miscellaneous Black n`White Imagery ~




Bingo History – Bally’s 1937 Line-Up

“Summertime” – Cash Payout Pinball

Bingo History - The First Bally Bingo
















~ Old Newspapers w/Imagery ~





Seattle Times 1962


Pinball Players Skill

Times-Tribune 1965

Kansas City Times 1966

Desert News and Telegram 1962

Shamokin, Pennsylvania 2010

Scranton Times 1962

1959 Blue Streak Indiana

The Times-Tribune 50-years Ago

The Courier-Journal Kentucky 1965

Burlington Vermont 1955

The Evening Star 1962

Anderson Daily Bulletin 1963




The Daily Times Iowa 1956

The Sunday Star 1957

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 1955

1952 - Chicago Headlines

Nov 72`New Orleans 3-page Article

The Sun Times - Bingo being Destroyed

1962 Newspaper Headlines

Needed - Syracuse Post-Standard

1962 - Chicago Headlines

Syracuse's Pinball Wars

Syracuse's Pinball Wars

Syracuse's Pinball Wars

Syracuse's Pinball Wars

Syracuse's Pinball Wars

Syracuse's Pinball Wars



















































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