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Dictionary: gam·ing / ˈɡāmiNG / the action or practice of playing gambling games`


America’s gaming history with pinballs stretches way back into the early 30s with the Ballegate machines. The first table-top games, literally sitting on the bars waiting to take your penny’s - Trade Stimulators. The 40s would usher in the One Ball games, the Horse Race machines, that would lead us into the 50s and the start of a gambling legacy that would stretch for decades to come`…our Bingo Pinballs`


…this 1950s Era is also special because photography is becoming quite common and newspapers are now syndicated across the Country`


As the controversy of these games starts to rise Nationally, the games start getting captured and exposed in photos`


Really giving us our first chance to look back and share that history in detail`




As such, I have started a picture album: Antique, Historical, & Black/White Photos



Antique Photo Album - Archive 1

Antique Photo Album - Archie 2



~ Photos with Known History  ~

Playmatic Super Win - Barcelona

The Block - Baltimore

Needed - Syracuse Post-Standard

Los Angeles, California 1955

Chicago 1963 _ Item #1

circa 1956 - Toledo, Ohio

51` Bally and 52` United w/Hoppers

1955` L.A. - Sheriff Destroys Coin-ops`

1959` Pinballs in Cuba w/Soldier

The Sun Times - Bingo being Destroyed

1971` Utah - Sherrif Destroys Pinball

1957` Belvedere Billiards (Benny's)

1967 Texas - Lawman Destroys Bingo

1963`Seattle  - FBI Raids - Silver Sails

Chicago Pinball Expo - Photo "For Sale"

Springfield, Illinois - Pin Ban Bill

51` maybe 52` - Philadelphia Dists?

Kansas City 1968` Wonderland Arcade

1972 New Orleans - TAC Amusement Co,

1962 Newspaper Headlines

w/History - Bally’s in Cuba

1952 - Chicago Headlines

1972 New Orleans - Eddie's

w/History - Tommy in Guam - Sweet!

Boston 1980 - The Quiet Man Tavern

1958 - Spokane, Washington

New Orleans - October 1970`

L.A. - 4107 Jefferson Highway

June 72`- The Times Picayune

Nov 72`New Orleans 3-page Article

New Orleans 1972 - Al's Jazz Room

New Orleans Bingos`

Chicago 1963 Pinball Police Seizure

Las Vegas at Jimmy Snowden's

1956 Court Case in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Germany 1967 - Flipper-Automat

1985 - Pinball House at George Street`

Boston 1980 - Jimmy's Lounge

1968 Austria - Bally Key West

Denver 1957 - Odd Court Hearing

Antique Photos - The M&M Tavern

1958 - Oregon Penny Arcade

1954 - Royal Distributing Company

1957 - Galveston Texas

1964 Denver Court Case - Tax Stamps

1967 - Chicago, Illinois

1962 - Chicago Headlines

1966 Police Seizure - Curious Citizens

1957 - Belvedere Billiard



~ Photos with Unknown History ~

...the Seattle Times`

Court Hearing - Bally Miss America

Newspaper Article - Bingo Guts

Warehouse full of Lotta Fun Bingos

Unknown sheriff destroying a Bingo

...circa 1955 - New Corner Cafe`

...a room full of Bingos`

...a Bingo and two Beauty Contests

1950s - Model posing next to a Bingo

...a Cop and three Beach Time bingos`

...dressed men and a Bingo - 1955`

Row of Bingos and one Pinball Seized

Room full of Bingo Pinballs - Hawaii`

Family Photos - United Circus

1950s Random Private Photo - America

Politicians Destroying Bingos

Two Bingos Covered In Junk

...a Hi-Fi with a couple Surprises!

2 Men / Room Full Bingos - Seized

2 Guys - Tavern - Bingo " No Payouts"

Runyon Cancer Fund - Lyn and Ray`

Several Unidentified Pictures



~ Drawings and Print from that same period with Black n` White Imagery ~


There is a little clean-up to do here, but I think this section will dovetail nicely with the photos`



Bingo Features – United Ball-Shooters

United Ball Lift Assembly(s) & Patent

Bally Ball Lift & Bally Patent Lists

United Patent - Lyn Durant - #1

Bingo Mechanics – Bally Playfields

1992 was still building upon the Patents

Bally Patent 2,862,079` ... a Governor

Patent _ Score Control

“Father of the Bingos” – Don Hooker

Recreaticos Franco - Bingo Bongo

Patent _ Bally Ball Gate

Patent (Hooker) – Score Control – I

Patent _ Matrix Device

Patent 2,864,618 – Searching & Scoring

Patent (Hooker) – Score Control

Patent (Hooker) – Selective Shutter

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside

Patent (Hooker) – Magic Pockets

Concept Bingo #4 – Donald E. Hooker #2

Concept Bingo #1 – Donald E. Hooker #1

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside



Don Hooker - Pinball Expo 1986`

Don Hooker – Westronics

Pinball Designer – Don Hooker

Don Hooker - 1944`

Pinball Designer – Walter M. Burnside

Pinball Designer – Donald E. Hooker

Don Hooker - Automatic Canteen

Pinball Designer – Lyn Durant

Pinball Designer – Don Hooker

“Summertime” – Cash Payout Pinball


1952 Williams Long Beach – 3-Card

Bingo History - How many years?

Bingo History – The Horserace Games

History – PAMCO’s Baby Lite-a-Line

Bingo History – Universal’s 5-Star

Bingo History - The First Bally Bingo

Bingo History – Bally’s 1937 Line-Up

Bingo History – Bally’s Fun Cruise

Bingo History – PAMCO’s Lite-a-Line

Jack Keeney

For Export ...out of Bermuda?

...the Paperwork - J.H. Keeney

J.H. Keeney, Inc

"Keeney back with Bingos" - June 1962

Secretly owned by Bally`

United Manufacturing

United Bingo Pinballs - 1953-to-1954

United - Company Perspectives

 United Manufacturing Co.

The Originator of In-Line Games

Company Related - So Little History!

Company Related - Uniteds` Seal

Their First Bingo Pinballs

Company Related - Engineering Staff










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