~ Sets, Pairs, & Collections ~






United We Stand


Hey Little Buddy

Bill's Babies

A couple Queens

...in with the New

A pair of Ladies

Double Vision

Jacks-or-Better to open...


yes` ...a Pair of Single Coins`

The kind of toys i like`

Best in Class`

"Group Rates"

Some Bingos  ... Keith Nickalo

A few out in the Market Place`

Vic Camp – “Collectors Row”

Texas Collection - Mr. John Prigg

...at first glance`

U.K. Collector - John-Lee Thompson

Row, Row, Row Your Boat`

Hey Baby...nice set of Flippers`

...an International Community`

Get your Ducks in a Row`

Not really a Set` More of a Pile`

Runnin with the Pack`

...a Pair to Ponder`

Ready, Set, Go`

Naturally they called me`

6-card Bingos - Perfecting the Game`

...maybe all 3`

Diamonds are Forever`

...a bit of Cost Savings'

I read you 5x5, over`

Small Surprises`

...a Caravan`

De Luxe Accomodations...

Sweet ...my Era`

Likely or Unlikely - Hmmm`

Stuck in the middle`

...a few Side-by-Side`

Running a bit of a Fever`

It's Amazing`

Walk'in in the Sand`

Ready, Set, Go...

...a couple Queens`


Oh` yes I Can...

Southern Belles`


Invitation to a Party`

...a Lovely Couple`

"New" Set

St. Pauli Girls

A bunch of Show-offs`

Single Again`

Bally - The Backglasses

Silent Sentinels

Bingo Pinballs on the Dow`

They'll suddenly Pop-up`

Seventeen Year Spread

Master View`

Working on my Abs

Angels` Hair

Heart n` Home

Upstairs / Downstairs

...over waves, soft and fluffy curls`

Standing Room Only`

Diamonds are Forever`

Wow` a true Legacy`

...one Frame at a time`




...all along the Watch-Tower

Steel Reinforced`

Man` you just hit the Jackpot

...the Orphan`

It's time to Level-up`

Rum's the Way`

...your host tonight` Jazzy

Introducing the Royals`

Cover n' Alignment


...the Perfect Pair`

Numeric Stock Transactions`

Another Bingo Snack-Pack`

1, 2, where's 3...

Star Light` Star Bright`





I sang Dixie as he Died`

Garage "Sail"

School of Hard Knocks`

Zombies in the Mist`

Lucky is as Lucky does!

...a little shade on the Beach,

No` you can't date any of my Sisters!

...what, you gonna Double-up!

...a little Snack Pack

...a Touch-of-Class

Macon Georgia

...there are many kinds of Mark-ets

Power Strips...

Come Sail Away.....




Under the Big Top

...the Sultans of Swing

Three, Two, One

Four Peas in a Pod!

Why I chase the games!

Single this Evening

Screaming for Attention

Sitting in the Corner

...a Bit-of-Proof

...there is more than one Pin game!

A room with a View,

...a Set of Super Balls

The Odd Couple

...ah the Islands'

Pairs & Sets




Pair of Ice Sickles

Laugh - Now here is a Mix!

Excuse me Miss!

Bingo Repair Pair

Magic Balls on the Market

Pairing up on the Beach

…a Big Time Double-Header

Hand-in-Hand - Down a Dusty Road

Set - Beach Buddies

Sets - Bingos Side-by-Side

Loaded-up Two-by-Two

Mounted-up n' Ready-to-Go

Pair of Beach-Babes - Yum!

There's more than one Pair of Pins`

The Perfect Pair - Stacked n' Packed




MA1986, MA1986, MA1986, MiA - Set?

"Get your Girl a Set of Diamonds"

KGB - a Threat Set

Triple Seven Pair - What?

Pair of Erins on a Distant Shore

A De Luxe Pair

Georgia 2002 - Set for Sale

Set, Hike, Touchdown!

A Magical Pair

I have had a couple of these things!

John Dee's set of games - Sweet!

Sets - Please help Identify

Worthpoint Skittle Games

Peter & Ina's Bingo Collection

?? Indiana Collection ??




Bud Murrow ( Part of? )

Borden's Pinball

BingoBernie - Canadian Collection

Mr. John Prigg's Texas Collection

Mike's Australian Collection

Fabio shares his Bingos _ Italy

JF's Carnival Queen & List of Bingos!

John-Lee Thompson’s “Red Roll-Over”

J.F. kindly shares a few of his Bingos!!

Superb! _ Dennis Dodel

Perhaps the "Greatest Collector of All"

What a Beautiful sight Brother - Vic's

"Nothing Finer - Europe’s Best"

Yes! Three is a Collection

Collins/Skillpins - Auctioned off??













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