These webpages cover what technical detail, I know about the Electronic Bingos


The solid-state machines from Italy, Spain, and Belgium


_ Introduction & Overview _



~  Photos Sets of the Internal Electronics  ~



Archive of just the Chip Sets & Boards





Sirmo - Miss America CPU

Splin - Golden Game

TSCC Magic Dixieland

Miss MaDonna Internals

Splin Michigan

TSCC Continental One Ball

Sirmo Golden Gate Euro

TSCC Continental Super 7

Sirmo New Orleans

JGC’- Carioca Beach

TSCC Continental 7

Sirmo Magic Line Bingos


TSCC -  Miss Nevada

Sirmo Miss America Triple Bonus

K7 Krusaal Bingo Master

TSCC Continental Magic Game

Sirmo Gold Ball / Dallas


Sirmo Palm Beach Turbo

Magic Lines - Mississippi

Wimi Super 7 Seven Internals

Sirmo Bingo Continental One Ball


Wimi Concorde - 2nd Generation

Sirmo Golden Continental Turbo

StereoLux Magic Ball

Wimi Miss Queen

Penalty 2 Internals

Euro Continental Star - v2

Sirmo Magic Screen Internals

G.A.A. New Continental

Euro Continental Star - v1

Sirmo Brooklyn

New Continental & Continental Golden

Wimi Green Diamond - v2

Sirmo Louisiana

Super Six Card Internals

Wimi Green Diamond - v1


G.A.A. Moulan Rouge

Miss Bowling - Maybe our First Look

Sorex / Lomogea Continental

G.A.A. French CanCan

Wimi Miss Bowling Turbo

Sorex Splin Sirmo PCBAs


Miss Bowling Golden Internals

Sorex Continental Top Game


Royal Skittle Internals




~  Part Catalogs / Manuals / Instructions  ~

Please remember Phil’s website is the “go to” for Manuals





Tabella 4125 - Part 4


Sirmo Golden Gate Euro Detail

Continental Magic Game - Part 1

Honorable Mention Wimi Evolution

Wilms Export Company N.V.

 TSCC Continental Magic Game - Part 2

StereoLux Magic Ball Manual


MG 4125 libero - Part 3


Sorex and Lomogea Crossover

Euro Continental Star.docx

2011 Splin Parts Catalog

Sirmo Ole South Manual.pdf

Wimi's Euro Continental Star.doc

Sirmo's Louisiana.pdf

TSCC Continental SUPER 7.pdf

Vic`s G.A.A. New Continental Golden

Bingo Continental One Ball Manual

Ole South Parts Catalog.pdf

Miss Bowling Golden Detail

Sirmo's New Orleans.pdf

Circus 388 Parts Catalog.pdf

Sirmo's Dallas / Golden Nugget.pdf

Sirmo Magic Screen Instructions.pdf


K7 Bingo 7 Deluxe

Magic Screen Parts Catalog.pdf

K7 Kursaal - Gran Casino

Luckia - Lucky Bingo.pdf


Recel - Space Game

Cirsa - Euro Bingo 7

TSCC Continental One Ball

Cirsa - Euro Bingo 7 (1000).pdf

K7 Kursaal - Montecarlo

Magic Dixieland Manual





...a good solid-state manual source

...a good solid-state manual source

...a good solid-state manual source






~ Commonality ~





Sorex and Lomogea Crossover

Sirmo Brooklyn and Continental

Sirmo New Orleans and Louisiana

Super Six and Bally Continental








~ Schematics ~





Euro Continental Star

Miss Bowling Golden Bits

Miss Bowling Golden Bits

StereoLux Magic Ball

Interflip's Honolulu








~ Machine Code Errors / Problems ~





?? Keys / Boxes / Codes ??





No Operation - No Error Code


Wimi Error Codes / Ram

"Reset All" - Magic Dixieland"

Working around not having the Keys

Royal Skittle EB06 Error Fixed




Miss Bowling E602 Errors

Start your Wimi without a Key

EE50 Dallas Sram

E602 Errors (Fix 2)

Working around not having the Keys

Clearing Rollover Alarms

E602 Errors (Cause)

047 error - Green Diamond (6-Card)

Solid-State Help - Contact 1

E602 Errors (Fix 1)

G.A.A. EE51 Errors

Solid-State Help - Contact 2

E602 Errors (Fix 3)

GAA Error Codes - Must have Keys

Solid State Help - Contact 3




Old Archives






~  Eeproms / RAM / Chip Sets  ~





Sirmo Eeprom & Checksum


Wimi Eeprom Detail

WIMI Eeprom Detail

Eeprom Code Recovery

Sirmo Eeprom Information

Github - Splin Eeprom Code

mamedev.org ROM Code

kinsufi.com Eeprom Code Splin

Rom Dump Sites - 2020

Eeprom - Wimi Green Diamond V3.9

About the Eeproms

mameb.com Machine Code

Dumped / Undumped Code



Forum Sirmo Miss Americana Eeprom

Sirmo PCB 28C Chip Set

Forum Sirmo Miss America Eeprom


Wimi Ram Related

Yes, you can copying the SRAM

Wimi Ram Related



~  Electronic Keys and Standard Keypads  ~


?? Keys / Boxes / Codes ??





Wimi Key "Our First Look"

Late Model Sirmo Controller/Keypad

Keys / Dip Switches / Alarms

Sirmo Golden Gate Euro Keypad

Sirmo/Splin Keypad Video

Splin Golden Game Keypad

Golden Continental Keypad

Splin / Sorex Keyboard

Sirmo Penalty 2 Keypad

G.A.A. - Miss Nevada - Keypad

?? Help Identify These Keypads ??

Bally Continental KDU

G.A.A. New Continental Golden  Keypad

Montana 0203 Euro Keypad

Splin's "Golden Game" - Sirmo/Sorex

Sirmo Piccadilly Keypad

Simro Keypad (1980-1996 Bingos)

Sirmo Masterview Keypad





Aeneas mentions the Key Chains


Sirmo J Keyboard & J Electronic Key

Match Key to the Eeprom

Keychains & Security Codes

Purpose of the Cabinet Code Keys

The Cabinet Code Keys Are Common

Source Wimi Cabinet Code Keys?





~  Service Boxes / Control Boxes  ~



?? Keys / Boxes / Codes ??






Larry Lemmerman's Wimi Box


Using the Wimi Service Box

Wimi Switch Matrix Tester

Using the Wimi Service Box

Using the Wimi Service Box

Wimi Service Box Notes

Using the Wimi Service Box


The Early Belgium Control Boxes


Spin "Dual-Key" Remote Control

Wimi Miss Queeen Control Boxes

 A Second Wimi Control Box

Sirmo New Orleans

Help Identify These Service Boxes?

The Unibox BelBox BB

Control Box Functions

Common Sirmo/Splin Service Box

Euro Continental Star Control Box

Place2Play _ "Sirmo/Splin Programmer"

Sirmo Remote Control (no key)

No Key? _ Reset all the Addresses!!

Locating a Service Box for Purchase







~ Misc Solid State Links ~





Continental Super 7 VGA

Sirmo Ole South Error

Fixing a Euro Continental Star




Detailed Sirmo New Orleans Repair

?? Please help identify these Boards ??

Defect Error Codes` ...Sirmo vs. Wimi

Wireless Module Technology

Sirmo Golden Gate Euro 12V Issue

  The CPU Battery - It must be there!

Can you upgrade your early Wimi

List of boards in the Belgium Bingos

Steve on his Wimi Super Six (6-Card)

Sirmo's Solid State Reflex Board

List of boards in the Belgium Bingos

Question about the Sirmo fuses

TSCC Super 7 - TFT Problem

Sirmo CPU 85 PCB 28b

Oper Coin Parts Resource







Now here in America we also have some old Bally games that have been upgrade/converted to digital electronics.


I have worked on a few of these now and I have started adding detail into my America Section under Bingo Company’s













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