For Bally and United, I will leave the true technical stuff to Phil, Joe, and Coos and the guys`…but there are a few different ways to look at the Bingos`


I often refer to the games as The Machines` …as such, I offer a few technical references below`








~ The Reflex Unit ~


The Thumper Control

Has your bingo been cheating you`

London _ Special Game Reflex Units

Wiring can adjust the Reflex

Reflex “basics” – Hmmm!

The Reflex - They outlawed the Bingos

Keeney’s – “No Reflex Units?”

Reflex History – The “Stabilizer”

Regulating the Payouts`

Adjusting the Reflex on the Bali

Forum – High Flyer Reflex

Reflex Reset Videos _ Keith Nickalo

United Reflex Operation & Adjustment

“Numbesr” on the Reflex Gears

Adjusting the Reflex Unit #2

The Reflex - Tailor Your Reflex

Magic Screen Reflex Adjustment Plugs

Bally Reflex Unit Function

Phil B. Comments on the Reflex Unit

Everything you need to Know








~ The Meters ~


(4) Coin Meters including “Key” Meter

2-Meters - 1965 Court Case`

Sirmo Magic Screen Meters

Bingos with only two Meters

Uni“5” Meters – TSCC One Ball

Magic Lines _ Odd Meters

Shoot-a-Line _ Interesting Meter Wring!

Hide your Coin Meter from the law!

Coin Meters _ Set of 4 – II

“Meter Mess” – Laugh!

Odd Nashville Coin Meters




~ Miscellaneous Docs ~

“Too Tough” _ That’s Right!!

Bally 1961 Service Bulletin

Carnival Queen – Fully Loaded

Press Image - Showtime

“Out-of-Order” sign – Bally Atlantic City

Ballerina Paperwork – Complete?

Bally Documentation _ Service Bulletins

Eight Balls every game - Mod

The IRS _ $250 US per Bingo

Peach State – Bally Parts Catalog

Does anyone know about the K-Mods??

European Automatic Sales .n.v. – Parts

Bally Installation Instructions

Bally “K-Modifications” – K-465

Bally’s K-mods – “Part of the Story”

Mystery Documents _ Miss America 57’

Bally “K-Modifications” – K-132

Carnival Queen Stepper Instructions





~ Miscellaneous ~



Big Wheel Detector Assembly

Control Unit Motors

Scan Bally Union Labels

Malibu Beach Payout Adjust

Buying parts from Bally

Macro Specialties 2015 Snap Shot

The Bingo Check List (Russ Jensen)

Silver Sails - Raymond's Page

40 Coin Limit




 Sands Museum - Magic Screen

Laguna Beach Main Card Scoring

Bally’s Early Cabinet Design

Bally Dual-Domination Bingos

Bally - Light Blubs /Lamps

2 & 6 Card Backglass Sources

Bally Repair & Service Channels`

Bally Solid-White Light Towers

The large white 3-Watt 15-ohm resistors

Improving your 20-hole Bingo

Bally Backglass Part Numbers

Tips’n’Tricks – Loosen up your Futurity

Vic Camp _ Magic Pockets Operation

Wiko Parts Catalog

Hopper Payout Capability




(Rewinding your Solenoids)

Who Mfg'd the Internal Modules?

Schematics – The Power Rails

Cleaning Steppers

Ball Size – G.A.A. Bingos

United Serial Numbers

Tech – Restoring Your Red Letter Games

Sands Meseum: Credit Unit Mechanism

Replay Counter Operation (Videos)

Cash & Coin Boxes

Tech – Lotta Fun Modifications

Was there more than one Magic Screen

Spare parts for your Hi Line bingo?

3-Wire Coin Mechs / Single-Coin Ops?

Collins / Skillpins History (Wimi Bingos)




Were there different Light Shields?

Me. Lawton – Bikini Extra Ball Problem

Siemens helps the bingos go Wireless??

New Footrails & Backglass Frames

Lock Down Bar Transparencies

Bingos Score Wins Incorrectly: Crazy

The extra ball dead on a Beach Club!

Operators tighten up the Machines!

History from an Operators Notebook

Space Game Light Shields – Aliens?

 Triple Plays “Converted to One Coin”

Showboat & Atlantic City Modified

United Voltages & Typical Operations

Green Diamond Shutter Cycles

Big Show will only spot the 18, not the 2


Ball-Lifts – Bally had more than One??

Bingo Repair Videos – Alan Marriage

Hole 18 Won’t Light – Green Diamond

Bally Playfield Plastics

Bingo Repair Videos – Richard Gerlitz

Solid-State PCB & Manual Detail – backglass resource

Woodrail Leg Information

Russ Jensen Classifies the Bally Bingos

Cleaning the cloth-covered wiring`

Bally Cabinet Stencil Set Source

Ball always lifts at T/on with no coins

Bingo Pinball Press Images - Cash Box

Galaxy – Hole 21 Won’t Register

Belgium Custom Glace Resource


Setting up your bingo for Freeplay

Oper Coin Parts Resource

 50hz - 60hz A.C. Transformer Configs

Initial Turn-on & Motor Operation

Bally Bingo Pinballs Book – Mr. Lawton

Did Bally make any Solid-State Bingos

Early Bally Ball Shooters & Bezels

Bingos modified for Instant Replays

Bally Backglasses – European Made

Bingo Joe’s Parts Catalog

Odd problems on Ed’s Cypress Garden!

Improving Your Ball Lifters Appearance

Trouble-Shooting Guide – R. Jensen

Bingo dies & won’t Restart

Can’t adjust main card on Big Time


General Wiring Questions & Advice

Silver Sails Smokes at Turn-on – Advice

Tilt Problem with Coinless Operation

Bali Appears Dead – General Advice

Magic Screen won’t Reset – Advice

Magic Ring lights but is No-Op - Advice

Ball Lifter Dead After 2nd Ball – Advice

Bingho Smoked & Stuck on Tilt – Advice

Shutter Open After 1st Ball – Advice

Bingo Pinball Ball Size Info & Sources

United Serial Numbers

Parts & Resources

Setting up for Coinless Play – Dr. Bingo

Bally Cabinet Repair/Covering

Bally Backbox Internals





~ Manuals Worth Mentioning ~


Wilms Export Company N.V. Manuals

Very Nice - United's Monaco

Bally Manuals from ARM Publishing

United vs. Bally – The Detail

Maintenance Tips - Malibu Manual

Ballys Colored Manuals

Sirmo Bingo Manuals

Ballys “Confidential” Manuals

1977` Bally High Flyer

Cirsa – K7 Kursaal Manuals

Bright Lights - One of Several?

United Manuals – Learning the Bingos

Bali Manual and a couple Surprises

 Bally Manuals - Adjustment Plugs

Maintenance Tips - Malibu Manual

Bally Bingo Pinball Manuals

United's Triple Play Manual

Helpful Manual - United Pixies

Universal Star – A “Users” Manual

Spot Lite Manual - Wiring Correction





~ Restorations ~



Aussie Arcade - Bingo Restoration




Bally Super 7 Restoration

Playfield Plating Rework

Crosswords Backglass Restoration

Denmark - Bally Hawaii

La Riparazione del Flipper Bingo

Restauración Playfield… Se puede!!

Netherlands – Showtime

okorange's "Phil" Carnival Queen

Bluesection shaes his Bally Bikini

Argentina Restoration

okorange's "Phil" Carnival Queen - I

Steve shares his Bikini

Argentina Restoration – II

...some video Surf Club Playfield

...very nice a Bally Reborn





~  Basic Technical - Learning the Bingos  ~




Russ Jensen – Trouble-Shooting Guide

Electro-Mechanical Repair Guide

Schematics #1 - The Power Rails

Bally 6-Card - “Start-up Sequence”

Inside your Bally Show Time

Opening up your Backbox`

Bally Model Numbers & Schematics

The Most Common Bingo Problems

Fuses 101 - Bingo Always Tilted

Intro: Mixers & Magic Screen

Ball Lift 101 ...Third Ball Problem

Extra Ball Problem - Resources

Magic Screens 101 - Reset/Index

Tilt Problem - 20-hole Coin Play

Miami Beach - #13 Doesn’t Light

Replay Counter Operation & Repair

Bally Night Club – Scoring Problem

Visual Inspection - Problem Solving

Trouble-Shoot Kumback Key

Adjusti the Scoring on your Bali











Start looking around`…Coordinates I,23 on Golden Gate`…these things are fascinating`













~   The American Patents  ~





Don Hooker Patents

Lyn Durant Patents

Don Hooker Patents




United's Ball Lift Assembly

United Ball-Shooter Assembly

United Scoring Unit




Bally Governor

Bally Selective Ball Return

Bally Ball Gate

Bally Score Control

Bally Matrix Device

Bally Searching & Scoring

Bally Score Control

Bally Selective Shutter





Bally Patent Trivia

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside

Bally Patent Trivia

Patent (Hooker) – Magic Pockets

Concept Bingo #4 – Donald E. Hooker #2

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside

Concept Bingo – Walter M. Burnside







To augment this section, I thought I would also highlight a few of the assemblies here`

Tie some drawings and photos together to help give us some insight on the mechanics of the older Bingos`




To start`…let’s go to 1965 and look at Section Scoring on the 20-hole Bingos`


Mystic Line Detail









Has your Bingo been Aletered/Rigged?





















Recreaticos Franco - Bingo Bongo











For the newer solid-state machines from Europe, please follow this link`


Electronic / Solid-State


For the solid-state upgrades to the American Bingos, please follow the games by company`


Bingo Company's ...the Designers

















































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