There are 100s-and-100s of links on this website`…that I couldn’t have put together without help`


The purpose of this page is twofold` …to give Honorable Mention to all of those that have really reached out to help me`

And to give you a little history as to who everyone is`…a few notes to help you recognize the names used so freely throughout these pages`







Phil Hooper – The “Bingo King”

Don Hooker - Pinball Expo 1986`

Pinball Designer – Don Hooker

Don Hooker - 1944`

Pinball Designer – Walter M. Burnside

Pinball Designer – Donald E. Hooker

Don Hooker - Automatic Canteen

Pinball Designer – Lyn Durant

Pinball Designer – Don Hooker

Don Hooker – Westronics

Don Hooker ...a True Legacy`







Jean-Francois P

Mr. Aeneas Verhé

Gerald (Coy)


Mr Freddy Bailey


Mr. Gary King

Mr. Larry Lemmerman

Mr. Keith Nickalo

Mr. Frans Pilger

Mr. Mark Mentzer

Mr. Dennis Dodel

Mr. Vic Campolattaro

Mr. Lee-Thompson

Mr. Jay Stafford

Mr. Kevin Musk

Mr. Coos Hakvoort

Mr. Phil Bogema

Mr. Rob Hawkins

Mr. Jerry Kaczmarek

Mr. Steve Smith




Mr. Phil Anderson

Mr. Russ Jensen

Mr. Raphael Lankar

Mr. Alan Marriage

Mr. Mike Busetti

Mr. Jeffrey Lawton

Mr. Si Redd

Dr. Bud Murrow

 Mr. Johnny Gille

Mr. Raymond Watts

Mr. Jack Keeney

Mr. Ray Moloney

Mr. Federico Croic

Mr. Hugh Kown

Mr. Roger Morden







~ Bingo & Pinball Articles ~




GameRoom Magazine – Aug 1996 Vol 8

GameRoom Magazine - Vic Camp

GameRoom – July 2007 Vol XX

GameRoom Magazine – Feb 2006 Vol 18

GameRoom Magazine – Apr 1998 Vol 10

Gameroom Magazine – Vic Camp

GameRoom Magazine – July 1999 Vol 11

GameRoom Magazine – Feb 1994 Vol 6


The Bingo Check List (Russ Jensen)


Russ Jensen’s Pinball Expo 86’

Russ Jensen: 5 Cents - 5 Balls

Russ Jensen – “Pingames & Gambling”

Russ Jensen – Pinball Scoring Themes

Russ Jensen – Enter “Bingos”

Russ Jensen – “It’s OK”

Russ Jensen – Variety

Russ Jensen – Multi-Coin Pinballs

Russ Jensen – “Inside Your Bingo”




Variety – Jim’s Corner

Dude Ranch – Jim’s Corner

Miami Beach – Jim’s Corner

Beach Club – Jim’s Corner

Beach Time – Jim’s Corner

Atlantic City – Jim’s Corner

PGJ - Carol's Catastrophe`

How to make In-Line Scores – Vic Camp

Pin Game Journal – Nov 1992

“Bingo Story” – By Phil Bogema

Playing the 6-Card Bingos – Vic Camp

PGJ #108 – Dr. Bingo “Techs in Training

How to play a Bingo – Phil Bogema

Very Continental – Vic Camp Article

Pin Game Journal - June 1996

How to play a Bingo – By Phil Bogema

Pin Game Journal – Aug 1999

"Jeffery Lawton's Desk"

Spinner Magazine - June 2000

Jeffery Lawton – “The Doctor”

Mr. Lawton – Bikini Extra Ball Problem

Spiiner Magazine - December 2000

Jeff Lawton – “Extra Balls Training"

Spinner Magazine - December 1999

Jerry Kaczmarek the News`

The Great Pinball Menace`

Las Vegas Review - Jerry's Legend`

Do You Remeber ....Nickel Machines

Last of the Bingo Kings.txt

The Straight Dope - Flipperless Pinballs

American Coin-Op History - I

Terrance Fagan - Bumper-to-Bumper

Seattle's Sketchy Past`

“Gambling on the Down Low”

Bally-Who - A 1959 Bally Newsletter

Aeneas - "Belgium Bingo Machines"

At The Top Of My Want List

Out of Bingos...?

Cheating 101

Life Magazine Article – 1957 – Oregon

Larry and his Bingos

Historical Pinball Article

Getting A Bang – Mike McLeod

Charlie Central – Nice Story & History

Antiquing & Collecting – Apr 2003

“Justice My Ass”

A visit with Harry Williams

Gambling on the Down Low

Clay Harrell on the Wonderland Arcade

Article – Altered Ohio Dime Game

Larry et ese Bingos

The “Bingo Theme” Story

The Toledo Blade 1954

Then and Now...

Bally-Who - A 1955 Bally Newsletter










Trust me for fact, I am not the only one who has followed the Bingos closely over the years`


I have simply tried to capture some of that Interest`



Raymond’s Old Archives


























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