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Bingos followed on the heels of the One Ball games, and almost immediately jumped into prominence across the Nation`


Part of that popularity was economic health of the Country, a few more nickels in the pockets of general folks`

 Part of their appeal was the designers expanding the feature set for each new generation of games`

Part of that growth was influence from Organized Crime creating a distribution empire - etc.


So, the history of the Bingos is much more than just direct facts about United and Bally


They are also the story of a Nation and an Era`…a unique niche in pinball folklore`





Bally United In-Line Pins

Lion Manufacturing Snapshot

Game Trade` 1957 in Review




The States: Price/Cost! – New!/Old!

"Multiple Coin" Bingos

1955 – Advertised Used Prices

Short-Lived ...the Pinball Era`

May 1951 ...the 1st Month of the Bingos`

1950s Style Organized Gambling

The Bally Story` 1931-1966

1973` Balliy is taken to Court`

1953` Bally and United Look Forward

A Tale of the End of Bally & The Bingos

57’, 58’, 59’ - Years that were no Picnic!

2640 Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

1959 ...Bingos across the Years`

Bally's Namesake - Ballyhoo Magazine`

The Year that almost Ended Pinball`




...the Export Markets - 1959`

Bally Engineering _ End-of-Days

Ballyhole History - Its Origin?

Historical Source` Cash Box Magazine

United: The First Bingo Pinballs

Bally 20-Hole Bingo History

Historical Source' - Pin Game Journal

Bally's 25th Anniversary

?? Bally’s Last Bingo ??

Morality ...the Church comments`

Lion Manufacturing

Line-up  ...the first Bingo?

Lite-a-Line ...1934 Bingo Legacy

"The Billboard's Price Index"

Russ Jensen Catalog




PAMCO’s Baby Lite-a-Line

Across the Nation

The First Bally Bingo

Bally’s 1937 Line-Up

Across the Nation

The Horserace Games

...a Pinball Bibliography

Universal’s 5-Star

Amusement Company - #6

Operator Price Lists

Single Coin - Pennsylvania Bingos many Modified Bingos?

Snap-Shot: Bingo Raids 1957’ to 1967’

Amusement Company - #5

1950s New and Used Bingo Markets




Amusement Company - #4

California from an Operators Notebook

Bingos ...and the AMOA

Books, Magazines, and Articles

Bingo Pinballs still be seized in 2010`

Ballys 35th Anniversary Tribute

Amusement Companies - #1

The Distributors

Amusement Companies - #2

F.B.I. Manuals - Spotting Bingos - #1

Bally Service Schools

F.B.I Manuals – Spotting Bingos - #2

Amusement Companies - #3

United vs. Bally ...a book on the Bingos

Williams & Bally – Common Artwork







As you can image, this is section we can add to forever`….the origin of the Bingos dates well back to the 1930s`











































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