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White Rose, York Show, & Allentown





The 2012 York Show

The 2015 York Show

The 2012 Allentown Pinfest

Having Fun ...York 2010

The 2009 Allentown Pinfest

The 2000 York Show

The 2001 York Show

The 2002 York Show

The 2003 York Show

The 2004 York Show

The 2005 York Show

The 2008 York Show

The 2009 York Show

The 2010 York Show

York 2017 ...via Instagram`

Vic hits 5-in-Line at 2011 York Show

The 2011 Allentown Pinfest

The 2011 York Show

The 2012 York Show - II

The 2011 Allentown Pinfest – 2

The 2012 York Show - I

The 2013 New York Show

Allentown – Year Unknown??




White Rose – 15th Year – J. Lawton











~ Hmmm – The Machines ~





Hoppers in Japan

Jerry` ...a bit on the Hoppers

Roller Derby w/Hopper

1969 London w/Hopper?

Nevada Roller Derby w?Hopper

Laguna Beach ...two different Hoppers

Miss America Supreme w/Hopper

Silver Sails w/Reno Nevada Hopper

California Silver Sails w/Hopper

...1960s Eastern Seaboard`

Las Vegas Palm Springs w/Hopper

Miss America 75 w/Hopper

1962 and a GG/SS combo w/Hopper

Silver Sails with a nice Hopper

.Early 50s` Bally/United w/Hoppers

Bounty with a Las Vegas Hopper

Bally offered two Bingos w/Hoppers

Miami Beach - The Hoppers

Ballerina w/hopper - Bally 1956

Cypress w/a nice clean Hopper


Short-Lived ...the Pinball Era`

"Multiple Coin" Bingos

Barrel o' Fun and Fun Way'

Bingo Pinball Meters`

Manuals - Bally`

Is your Bingo Rare`

Belgium" Regulated to at least 85%"

Miss America 57' - Special Paperwork?

The States: Price/Cost! – New!/Old!

Playfield Serial Numbers - Bally

1955 – Advertised Used Prices




Wanted United Bingo Pinballs

Where are the Bingos!

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

How many Bingos were there?

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

Aren’t you Curious?

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

So How Many Bingo Were There?

How many Bingos were there`

...a little more of the  Math

How much money did a bingo earn?

How much did the bingos earn?

How much do the bingos earn?

How much did the bingos earn?

How much money did the bingos earn?

How much did the Bingo earn?

“Skill Pins” Definition?

1959 Bally - "Skill Appeal"

Skillpins in the U.K.

1952 Skill Scores Bingo

the “Skill Scores” - These might be Cool!

1960 Fun Spot - "Skill Scores"

“Skill Scores” – The Rocket Games



Backbox Instruction Cards` ...Bally

Euro Continental Star Score Card

Sirmo New Orleans Score Cards

Some Unique United Circus Score Cards

Detailed Miss Bowling Cards

European Bingo Player Cards`

Score Cards - Custom

Score Cards Serial Numbers Mystery?

European Score Cards – Wimi

European Score Cards – Sirmo

Score Cards – Finally some Detail!

Score Card – Custom

United Score Cards - Rare`

Odd Miss Belgium Score Card

Hybrid Metal-Style Score Cards

Bally Nashville Playfield/Score Cards

Odd Moulin Rouge Score Card

Skill Pins Internals and Score Cards

Label-Maker Score Cards

United ABC Score Cards

Oddball _ United Tropics Score Cards

The War against the Machines!

3 Ball Bingo

Business – Let’s follow  the Money

A Different Kind of Pinball

What was the last year at Bally

 Busy – “Just Cram a Nickel in me Man!”

6-Card – White/Yellow Lines??

What, the Bali Bingos went Overseas?

“One Coin Only” – Single Coin History

“Amusement Only”  ...Spot-em Bingos

Has your Bingo been Rigged / Slashed?

Clearly folks wanted other Bingos`





~  America’s Bingo Pinballs  ~




~  Law Related  ~

Pinball Gambling Laws and the Bingos

1962 Hearings ...the 87th Congress`

1962` Office Attorney General

Gambling Devices Act of 1962`

...are pre-1962 Bingos still OK~

Bally Will Quit - The Eastman Bill

United States Federal Court Cases

One Ball & Five Ball Pinball Association

The Korpan Decision of 1957`

The Johnson Act of 1951`

Bingos / Fruit Machines Asscoiation

Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

The U.S. v. Lion Manufacturing 1968`

...behind The Korpan Decision

F.B.I. Training Manuals

Were Bingos - Skill Games

~  History & Origins  ~

May 1951 ...the 1st Month of the Bingos`

The Bally Story` 1931-1966

1973` Balliy is taken to Court`

1953` Bally and United Look Forward

A Tale of the End of Bally & The Bingos

57’, 58’, 59’ - Years that were no Picnic!

2640 Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

1959 ...Bingos across the Years`

Bally's Namesake - Ballyhoo Magazine`

The Year that almost Ended Pinball`

...the Export Markets - 1959`

Bally Engineering _ End-of-Days

Ballyhole History - Its Origin?

Historical Source` Cash Box Magazine

United: The First Bingo Pinballs

Bally 20-Hole Bingo History

Historical Source' - Pin Game Journal

Bally's 25th Anniversary

?? Bally’s Last Bingo ??

Morality ...the Chruch comments`

Lion Manufacturing

Line-up  ...the first Bingo?

Lite-a-Line ...1934 Bingo Legacy

"The Billboard's Price Index"

Russ Jensen Catalog

~  State -by- State  ~



Across the Nation


Iowa – 08-07-2012

North Carolina – 06-23-2020

Idaho – 06-22-2020

Vermont – 06-22-2020

Tennessee – 06-22-2020

Utah – 06-22-2020

Mississippi – 09-02-2016

Arizona – 07-25-2020

Missouri – 06-22-2020


West Virginia – 05-11-2020

Oregon – 07-29-2020

Colorado – 06-22-2020

Florida – 06-22-2020

Connecticut – 06-23-2020

Maryland – 06-23-2020

Louisiana – 06-16-2020

California – 06-16-2020

Washington – 06-16-2020

New York – 06-22-2020

Kansas – 06-23-2020

Oklahoma – 05-28-2012

Illinois – 06-22-2020

South Dakota – 03-02-2020

Alaska – 09-04-2016

Kentucky – 06-18-2020

Hawaii – 06-18-2020

Pennsylvania – 06-17-2020

Nevada – 04-07-2012

Indiana – 06-23-2020

South Carolina – 07-21-2020

Wyoming – 07-21-2020

New Jersey – 11-28-2014

Texas – 06-22-2020

Arkansas – 07-29-2020

Ohio – 06-22-2020

Virginia – 11-30-2016


~  Miscellaneous  ~

...a Pinball Bibliography

Amusement Compnay - #6

Operator Price Lists

Single Coin - Pennsylvania Bingos many Modified Bingos?

Snap-Shot: Bingo Raids 1957’ to 1967’

Amusement Compnay - #5

1950s New and Used Bingo Markets

Amusement Compnay - #4

California from an Operators Notebook

Bingos ...and the AMOA

Books, Magazines, and Articles

Bingo Pinballs still be siezed in 2010`

Ballys 35th Anniversary Tribute

Amusement Companies - #1

The Distributors

Amusement Companies - #2

F.B.I. Manuals - Spotting Bingos - #1

Bally Service Schools

F.B.I Manuals – Spotting Bingos - #2

Amusement Companies - #3

United vs. Bally ...a book on the Bingos

Williams & Bally – Common Artwork










~ Misc Bingo History from the United States of America ~




Seattle Game – Bally Sea Fair

...the Rocket Games`

Fun Cruise – Photo Archive

Custom Golden Gate

Desert Theme Bingo - v1

Coin Device Mfg - Having Fun

1955 – Crosswords – Score Booster

Desert Theme Bingo - v2

De Luxe Fun Cruise - Russ Comments

1952 Bally Miss California?

Desert Theme Bingo - v3

1952 Williams Long Beach – 3-Card

Rio Bros – Six Shot

“Summertime” – Cash Payout Pinball

1952 United Circus- Nice Repro BG

*, **, *** Stars – My Girls

Daytona Beach - Custom Bally Spin

The Ohio Dime Machines

Broadways - Rich Bally History

Beauty Queens

The Broadway Bingos

Broadway - Raymond's Page

Bally’s Beauty Contest

42nd and Broadway

The Queen Machines

French Miss America - II

Queen Machines – Addendum

Custom Miss America Bingo Pinball

Pennant-Themed Miss America

Queen Machines – Archive

Miss America Games – I

Miss America` a few Rules...

Knock-off "Miss America"

French Miss America

The "Fun Machines" Playfield

modello Miss America 1970

Barrel o' Fun and Fun Way'

The “Wall Street” Bingos

Super Wall Street

Single Coin Bingos

Bingo History - How many years?

Bingo History – The Horserace Games

History – PAMCO’s Baby Lite-a-Line

Bingo History – Universal’s 5-Star

Bingo History - The First Bally Bingo

Bingo History – Bally’s 1937 Line-Up

Bingo History – Bally’s Fun Cruise

Bingo History – PAMCO’s Lite-a-Line

~ Collin’s Skill Pins ~



Introduction and Overview`

Skill Pins - Euro Continental Star

Skillpins Montana  - USA Import?

Opinion No. 4028

Skillpins Pinball Backglass Detail

Collins - South Carolina News

Collins Skillpins – Some History

Skill Flipper - Euro Continental Star

Curious - Skill Flipper Green Diamond

Skill Pins – Programmable Marquee

Skill Pins - Montana - USA

Skill Pins - Splin Montana 2000 - USA

Skill Flipper _ Skill Pins?

Jay Stafford provides a bit more History

Skill Pins/Skill Flippers - Jay helps us`

Skill Pins Update

Skill Flipper/Georgia Gold Bingos

Skill Pins Internals and Score Cards

Wimi - Green Diamond Skill Pin?

Skill Pins Law Case

Skill Pins or Late Model Bally Bingos?

Skill Pins – II

Skill Flipper – I

Skill Pins – III




~ Casey Bally Conversions ~

Introduction and Overview`

Initial Cost #s for these Conversions

1st n' 2nd Generation Casey Bingos

Casey Dixieland Boards

S.S. Dixieland Parts in Alabama!

Casey Dixieland - Repair Notes

Casey Solid-State Bally High Flyer

Casey Dixieland Identification

Casey - Wall Street Special (High Flyer)

SS Dixieland

Casey Dixieland Kits

Casey - Digital Bally High Flyer

Casey Converted Dixieland

Taito Miss America Supreme Bingos

IGT Built Dixieland

Taito Miss America Supremes II







~ J.H. Kenney Bingos ~




Jack Keeney

For Export ...out of Bremuda?

...the Paperwork - J.H. Keeney

J.H. Keeney, Inc

"Keeney back with Bingos" - June 1962

Secretly owned by Bally`


Rainbow - Cash Box June 1962

Venus - Addendum

Lite-a-Line (detailed)

Rainbow` Billboard June 1962`

Venus - Main Page

Lite-a-Line` Billboard June 51`

 Rainbow - Main Page

Venus - Moon Glow

Keeney’s “Lite-a-Line”







~ United Bingos ~


United Manufacturing

United Bingo Pinballs - 1953-to-1954

United - Company Perspectives

 United Manufacturing Co.

The Originator of In-Line Games

Company Related - So Little History!

Company Related - Uniteds` Seal

Their First Bingo Pinballs

Company Related - Engineering Staff



Rodeo - Single Card

The United Rodeo Bingos

Triple Play - v1

Rodeo - 3-Card

Triple Play - Several Versions





















South Seas


















~ Bally Bingos ~




Mystery Bally Bingo List - Source IPDB

...the Bally and Sega Connection

Executive Row

Name Associations - Bally - #1

Bally ...Air Special List!

Company Related - A Few Key Players

Bally Manufacturing Corporation

Bally Corporation - Lion Manufacturing









Lucky 7 - Is this really a Bingo?

Super Wall Street

Continental - Where are these?

Bright Spot – Bally’s “3rd Bingo” ?

Malibu Beach - 1978?

“Apollo Ball”_ Mystery Bingo

Key West

Wall Street


Roller Derby

Fun Spot 61`


Barrel o` Fun 61

Fun Spot - 1960

Barrel o` Fun 62



Magic Ring

Laguna Beach

Bull Market

Show Time


Big Show

Gay Time

Broadway 51`

County Fair


Cypress Garden




Beauty Beach

Bright Lights

Super 7


Bonus 7





Miami Beach

Border Beauty

Stock Market

Miss America 75'

Silver Sails

Double Header



Mississippi Showboat

Beach Beauty


Mystic Gate

Sun Valley

Golden Gate

High Flyer




Circus Queen

Carnival Queen

Can Can



Miss Universe

Miss America

Bally Beauty

Ice Frolics

Dude Ranch

Yacht Club


Big Time

Sea Island





Beach Time


Atlantic City


Bahama Beach


Miss America Deluxe


Beach Club

Blue Chip




Spot Lite

Palm Beach





Ticker Tape



Miss America Supreme

Palm Springs

Surf Club



Shoot-a-Line 63`

Big Wheel

Folies Bergeres


Coney Island

Night Club







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