Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-01-2019


Sweet`I really love this one,


2 playfields ebay belgium 2010.jpg


This set of playfields was up for sale on (Belgium) in 2010`


Two of a great many Bally Miss America Supreme PFs that made their way into another life overseas` Never given

any credit or recognition in the game-names being given the new machines, but used in so many places`Go ahead

and look through my pages covering the Bingos found in the Dead Zone and the Dead Years as the

Belgium Gaming Market matured and came into its own – These playfields are everywhere`


So many, I have often wondered if Bally sold or gave them the artwork as part of the Deal`to take as many

Bingos as possible and help hide and transfer the revenue streams – the Business`


These are in custom machines and Bingos that were spun-up with this-or-that Kit, as a myriad of companies and

start-ups popped in-and-out of existence back in those days`


Forgotten remnants; silently declaring their rightful part of history, while looking for another new home`
























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