Bingo pinballs

Created on 07-11-2020



I was always pretty good at the No. 11 which really helped nail it on my Bally Big Time`

Just a great # ~ On both Super Cards, a Corners on one of them, and a Corners on the Main Card`




 San Francisco Chronicle


Pinheads find Berkeley haven

Friday, August 13, 1999

Tolbert traveled to California in the 1970s. When he couldn't find a job in publishing, he fell back on the family trade. He started selling and maintaining pinballs in 1976. He hooked up with Judy about 17 years ago. The night they met, they played an old-style Bingo machine and needed No. 22 to win. They got it, and that's been their lucky number ever since.

“People tell him how lucky he is I'm into pinballs,'' she says.

They moved into the house on Grayson Street six years ago, living upstairs in what they call the “Pinball Penthouse'' with their dog, Toby the Pinball Pup, selling pinballs along with a few jukeboxes and foosball tables on the main floor.


Now if the guys were playing a 1978 Miss America Supreme ~ No. 22 could be huge`


Nail the 16, 22, 18, 21 on the Main Card and the 16, 22, 2 on the Extra Card,


Go for an Extra Ball,



…and you’re in some money real quick - Nice`









…what’s your Lucky Number