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Unknown Playfield

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Amusement Life Magazine No. 3

Belgium's "R D X " Handrail Buttons

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Concorde One Ball

Oud Bingo Speelveld

Those Pesky Name Tags

Antique Coffee Table

Moulin Rouge Manual

Adjusting the Reflex

Competition Automaten

Yep, Jeff really does have a Bingo


Sun Valley Tilts Too

5-in-Line Palm Beach




Zeroing the Magic Screen

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Miss America 75 Restoration

1935 Rock-Ola Screamo

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Spell Name ...Hawaii

University of Calgary

Miss Bonus Addendum

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Georgia Gold Schematic Sets

Georgia Gold (Euro Continental Star)

Miss Americana Triple Bonus Addendum

The Orange





The “Jolly-Jo” Bingos



-….Miss Bonus 2 and Moulin Rouge 2….-




Please know that I am still updating scores of older pages`…adding new photos and detail almost daily`



_ September 2023 _


Rewrote a number of the Sigma pages and added one , TSCC/GAA Continental Lucky 7 Export to Italy , Sirmo Golden Gate (3-Game)

GEWA Golden Florida , Taito Apollo Ball , Rewrote all of the Master View pages and made two more , Medieval



_ August 2023 _


My Spare Parts Machines and Queen Machines pages are a mess`…I work a little bit to help clean things up`

Diamond Flipper Di Lusso , Continental Magic Game Internals , Sirmo Games Playtime



_ July 2023 _


This month I got lucky and was able to add some new detail to several of the odd-man-out Bingos

TSCC Magic Continental Bounty , Belle Epoque , Concorde One Ball , Miss Americana , Hollywood Fever - v1 , Continental Stars , Bahama Beach

Miss Americana Triple Bonus (Upper Case) , French CanCan , Flyer for Cirsa Bingo 7 , Bright Spot Addendum (More Mystery)

Miss Europe , Barrel o` Fun 62 , Stardust , Cape May , Miss Florida (SG) , New Florida (SG) , Euro Bingo 7 , Deauville

Updated both of the “wild” and “unique” Paint Themes webpage’s in my Unknown Bingos Section



_ June 2023 _


Added photos to K7 Kursall’s Bingo Master`…just how many of these things are there? – A super clean backglass for Sirmo’s Miss 2000 still doesn’t help solve the mystery – Mike adds a very pretty William’s Long Beach to his dad’s museum – When is the last time you saw a United’s Monaco`…Ever..? – Finally, Diamond Continental II comes to life`

Magic Continental`…Yep, two names dating back to the beginning in Belgium and the original TSCC format for the Bingos`

Miss Super Belgium , Parade , Play Time , Mississippi Internals , President , Safari Addendum , Challenger , The Champ , Old Brussels , Bonus 7 , Super 7

Our first look at the very early Sorex Charleston , Big Wheel , Diamond Flipper Di Lusso , A-B-C , Common Montana Extreme Page

Miss Americana Triple Bonus (Lower case) , Our first look at hardware for Sirmo Circus



_ April 2023 _


Added machine photos to Sirmo’s Bingo Continental Euro One Ball`…I love that name for a Bingo – Added photos of another backglass to Golden Nugget de luxe in my Unknowns

Updated all of my Sirmo Penalty 2 pages: Controller, Internals, and the main page too - Adding in a 3rd version of the game`



_ March 2023 _


OK for updates this month I revisit`…Bally Broadway 51 – Man, what a Bingo – Then I try to save my Bally KDU page – The I add all of Phil B’s .zip files to Bright Lights

I add some pictures to Sirmo’s Palm Bach Turbo, including a great shot of the gals on the playfield – I added photos to the Wall Street Bingos, GAA’s French CanCan,

and Keeney’s Lite-a-Line – Updated GAA’s Pool-Snooker and Sirmo’s Lousianna – Added a great board set to Inder’s Lotto – Splin joins Tony Rus and gets a new look`

Updated my page for Europe (the family of games) adding a 3rd Bingo and adding the games to my Section for the John Gille Company - JOGI



_ January 2023 _


I have added our first look at Le Grand Carrousel, a nice image to Tiger Rag, a great set of the special games on Master View, cleaned up all my Sirmo Golden Gate pages – I am starting to think that there are only (3) models not (4), a full backglass for Circus 1, a nice cabinet set for Super Golf Azur 3000, a full cabinet for Circus 388, a great shot inside the backbox of Mistereo from Dennis Dodel, some clear images of the unknown Eldorado, a full bingo from Gewa – their Sixth Ball Gambler, and our first look at a complete cabinet for President _ Closer to home: I have added a couple nice sets to United’s Singapore and South Seas`…Two of my favorite Bingos










_ Enjoy _