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I am posting this one for several reasons: First he is talking about Miss America Deluxe and the date code is 1977` So it looks

like Bally made at least (3) productions runs of this Bingo ~ Hmmm, which tells us a little bit about their capabilities (flexibility) in the 70s`


I also find the reference to “is this really considered a pinball” very interesting, I have heard this asked many times over the years`



From: Steve Lane (smlane@unity.ncsu.edu)
Subject: Miss America '77?

Newsgroups: rec.games.pinball
Date: 1995-03-27 09:25:26 PST


I saw a Miss America (MA-1050, 2-9-77) in my hometown over Spring Break.  It's one of those bingo-types where you launch several balls, slide the bars on the bingo boards left and right, and try to get 5-in-a-row. It's a redemption-type game; in high school my friends and I played one at a place that gave cash prizes for won credits.


Is this considered a "real" pinball?  I was surprised to not see it in the database, as I remember seeing at least 4 in my lifetime across the country

(they seemed to be very popular at Myrtle Beach in '77).


Later, Steve




Yes, and in fact, this is the quintessential pinball dating back to the earliest origins of the games`


…nothing but pins and balls, no flippers`






As of this date, there are two models of this game posted on the IPDB …very Interesting`