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Provence Golf Azur



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"The" Bingo

Bally Paint Options

...the Tilts - #6

...the Tilts - #7

...the Tilts - #5

Twin Flippers

...the Tilts - #4


...the Tilts - #2

Pinterest #1

...the Tilts - #3

Bali Bally Baby`

...the Tilts - #1

Splendid or Splin-did`

6-Card Spot Em Bingos..?

The True History of the Bingos`

Score Card of the Year

Digging through the Trash`

...the Golden Years`

Big Time Changes

Eve and the Handyman`

See-Through Bingo Pinball..??

A little bit of the Artwork

Next time you have a Party`

Old Timer`

6-Cards with a Spin`

California Bingos - Skippy?

Layouts on the 6-Card Bingos

Somewhere in Idaho`

Parts Machine - Twin Joker

The true menaing of Bingo Pinballs

Parts Machine - Bally USA

Bingo Pinballs Suck`

What's your Lucky Number..?

Real Pinball..?

Wanted, Gay Time and Parade

Dutch Greenhouses`

...the Bally and Sega Connection

Bingos "for sale" on the Internet

Flipperkasten and Bingokast

Did you work at Bally building the Bingos

Union Made stickers on Ballys?

Bingo Lingo ...the "Hole" machines`

An odd list of Bingos ...1955`

Misc Coin Configurations - #1

San Francisco   ...the rare Showboat` of my Bingo Heroes

Bingo Pinballs – The Artwork

...a nice way to end an Era`

...from the guys at Tiltcycle`

...go with the vlo` - 05-01-2020

Playfield Shutter Boards

...possible - Where to Play

...possible - Where to Play – 04-29-2020

High Times Magazine

...a nice Wall-Hanging`

Mary Van Notes

...for Father's Day`

Barrel o' Fun and Fun Way'

Sea Island Security`

The Funny Papers

...a California Special`

Bingo Night Lights's Show-Time`

Custom Bingo Light Towers

Comaraderie - I like that`

Bingo Tower Power

Something is going on here`

Pinterest - Social Media

Setting the record staright`

The Funny Papers

The Funny Papers

The Funny Papers

Seattle's Sketchy Past`

5 Plays   2 Quarters   10¢ per Game

Instagram -

Unknown Gameroom - 1950s?

Bingo Board Game (Instruction Videos)

The Quiet Man`

Bingos vs. Formula F1

Odd Circus Queen Backglass

... the Coney Island Funhouse

Bingos, they fit in`

...a new Bingo Route?

"Bingo Pinball Language"

Bingo Pinball Museum - (Oklahoma USA)




...are we Having Fun yet`

Sun Valley, Idaho`

...look don't touch`

,,,the Bay Area`

Single Again`

The pics I post up top`

Centralia` a Ghost Town


"Magic Tower"

"Pin Balls" - Some Thoughts`

Red, White, and Blue`

On a Mission from God`

From the IPDB – The Bally Mystery List

~ The Greatest Show On Earth ~

From the IPDB - Bingo Snap Shots




Snap Shot - IPDB - Sept 2017

...Cowgirl Playfields Continued

Show us your Bingo!

Life goes on`


Bikini - Yes! "Bikini"

...a Twinkle in the Dark

Have a Seat!

_ the Girls _

The Artwork - Bally Playfields

The Artwork - Bally Backglasses

1955-to-1974 - Pixies in the Middle

Changed-up Cabinet Paint Schemes

The Pinball Blog - Pinball Design Trivia

Really, ya Tilted your Bingo!




Extra Rails/Black Background ??

Olympia/Tacoma Area Rental Available

Flyer facts

United Coinbox Keyhook

Bingo Playfield Care / Maintenance

Aftermarket Service Light – Nice Mod

"B" Serial Numbers? - Kentucky!

Lite-a-Line ad – Billboard Feb 61’

The Funny Papers

Milestones 2011 Volume 7

Hawaii Comments & Trivia

Roman Catholicism

Why Quora

The Sunday Dispatch

American Presbyterian Church




Golden Bingo List

Layouts on the 6-Card Bingos

"A Single Coin Machine"

Antique Shopping in America

"A Quarter Machine"

Bird on a Wire more reference'

Spot Em - Here n' There!

Cool Ceiling Light

The Funny Papers

The Funny Papers

Golden Gate - Yes, Sir!

a Few Less or a Few More

Bingo Crimes - #1

Bali Bingos _ Where do they call Home!
 old Woodrail Pinball

"A Quarter Machine"

Bingo Revenue Related

Executive Row!

The Bingos get all Dressed-up!

Skill Shot – “The Original”

Nice Wood Paneled CanCan

Well the problem with Mystic Lines – Dah!

The Lower-Deck Bingo Pinballs

One of my favorite shots of the Bingos!

Are there Bingos in the Future

Solid-State Ticker Tape Bingo?

Just how Rare is the United Showboat??

“The Land of Bali”

Magic Numbers & Light Boxes




The Funny Papers

Another Las Vegas Hopper?

The Artwork – My Girls

Happy Halloween!

The Funny Papers

The Artwork – Playfields Lit-up at Night

Cowgirl Playfields _ Sweet!!

What, Two-of-a-Kind?

The Artwork – The Bally Playfields!

2-Card Bingo Pinball Introduction

Size Matters

The Artwork – Light-Show _ Star-Crossed

Eastern Coin-op Amusements – Seller

Green Diamond Attraction Mode

The Artwork – Bingo Backpacking Anyone?




Someone is referencing this site – Cool

“In Concert – The Doors”

The Artwork – Backglasses Lit-up – Pretty!

...the IPDB - 2020 Snap Shot`


The Artwork – Chris Dade – Bingo Heroe!

An “out-of-the-box” Bally Tahiti Story

The “Bingo King” – circa 2010

The Artwork – Backglasses & Flyers

“Legacy” _ Cool Word!!


The Artwork – Pretty maids all in a Row

A Casino Video Application _ Cool

…The Perfect 6-Card Bingo…

The Artwork –  “Lit Up and Looking Pretty"




flippers are for chillun’s _ laugh

I wonder what the alarm sounds like!!

Bingo Pinballs – Artwork & Attraction

“Best Buy” – Fully loaded 1973!

Prehistoric Bingo Pinball _ Timeless!!

The Artwork – Top Arches

Bingos are Kids Games

Check out this Laguna Beach

The Firewood Café - S.F. California

Did Bally Have Two Factories?

The Funny Papers

Did Bally Have Two Factories?

California Knows!!

hcaeB imaiM

The Wizard of Vegas




bulC htcaY

Home-Made Payout Hopper

Seattle – Muisc in the Clubs

The Funny Papers

1984` ...a pin with a 5x5 matrix??

The Funny Papers

Protective Shield

Odd Playfield Serial Number

Surf Club – U.K. Rejecter Label

Furniture – 101c

Bingo Raid 2010

Gameroom Magazine – BINGOVITs 2010

Bingo Board Game – II

The Funny Papers

A brand-new Silver Sails in the box!!




Myrtle Beach - "Redemption Machines"

Bingo Board Game (Instruction Videos)

11 girls on the Backglass!

Bingos still on site in 2011

Cool Little Beerstand

Steve Smith gets back into the Bingos

Merry Christmas 2012

Paddleless Nickel Pinball Machines

When did I start these Pages??

Oregon Gangsters _ The Pacific Northwest

Unique Perspective _ 1952 Ice Frolics

“What is the Value of my Bingo” – III


United Caravan Payouts _ 70%

Blog Entry _ Waxcracker





Blog Entry _ “French Slots”

“Barcodes” finally come to the Bingos

?? County Fair Hand Rail Plate ??

75 Cents To Play A United ABC- Yikes!

Larry tries to ease my Confusion (laugh)

Big Show Remnant

Oddball _ Modified Rocket Game

Best Ball Lift Cover Yet`

?? Name that Bingo ??

Nice Star Trek cabinet

Miss Universe “Meteors”

?? Magic Numbers Mystery ??

Spiders and Snakes





Dixieland Route

There are still warehouses of Bingos

...One Ugly Coin Door

Blue Light Towers

Join the Cause – Laugh!!

... One Ugly Coin Box

Oddball _ Bally Wall Street

2012 Belgium Pinball Adventure

Oddball _ Bally “Apollo Ball”_ Mystery Bingo

2 Old 2 Play _ Never!!

Oddball _ Ventilation Covers

Two Bonanza BG Frames

San Francisco & Bingo Songs

Bingo “Snack Pack”

Back-Links to My Pages




My Gambling Addiction & Buffalo Nickels

Greg Davis shares his Sirmo New Orleans

Blog Entry _ Snow, Warmth, Drugs

Miss America Supreme w/Hopper

“I Rest My Case”

2012 Georgia Garage Sale (United States)

Bingo Pinballs “Rock-the-House”

Lonnie Irving’s Song “Pinball Machine”

Bally – “The ABCs”

Bally’s “Automatic Coin Wrappers”

Do the Bingos have a Future?

Beach Babes

The greatest money earners of all

The Ballyhole!!

Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Backglasses




London Calling

Setting up a Dispensary in New Mexico

Hawaii – Islands of the Bingos

Chevelle Owners – Maryland to Texas

Bingos intermixed with Pinballs

Yes ...Vintage & Rare`

You will “LUV” this Bingo

The Last of an Era…... – Bud Murrow??

Misc “Miss” Bingo Pinballs

Elvis played a little Bingo?

Quarter-Play - Bally Bingos

Bingo Pinball Routes For Sale

Bluesection is restoring a Bally Bikini

Seattle, WA – Queen City Rocks!

Bingo Pinballs “Suck” – Are you with me?




A 6-Card out for play down in Florida?

“Landfill Filler” – Laugh!

Cheating 103

Two Bally bingos still in the box!

1960 Bally Fun Spot Playfield

Cheating 102

Laguna Beach Special Instructions?

...the most Heavily Modified Bingo Ever

Vegas: The Power and the Gaudy

Custom Nickel Tray – Cha Ching!!

More Pacific Pinball Museum – II

Joe’s Lido & Acapulco - Serial Numbers`

Are these really Bingos

More Pacific Pinball Museum

Steve Smith and a couple of Bikini tales




The 7-Card Bingos – More Than One!

“Later Play” Flyer

“Yeah, I know what you’re talking about!”

“Bingos are Fun – I want a Single-Coin”

“At the Top of my Wants List”

“A Betty and a Beach Time”

Moving Your Bingo Pinball

Can you still play the Bingos in Public

Did all the playfields have Flaws?

Bingo Pinball Language

The Funny Papers

Today's Travel Tunes

Girls like pinball too...

Bingo Christmas Cards

Curious Old Pinball




Buying & Selling Bingos (State-Side)

My Favorite Bingo Pictures

The Artwork – Household Treasures

Bingos in T.V. & the Movies & on Radio

Bingos in T.V. & the Movies & on Radio - II

Modified Bingo Pinballs

Searching & Hunting for Bingo Pinballs

Bingo Pinballs – Social Media Related

Forums w/Bingo Pinball Activity







~  This is a great time for the games, Bingo Pinballs are literally everywhere around the World ~

Austria ...oldies taferne`

Philippines - Yes, the Bingos where there`

Bingo Pinball History - Canada

Philippines circa 1970

Canada’s history seems to parallel the U.S.

Germany - Bingowelt

Canada - Pincon 2017

Guam - Pinball Laws


Canada - Pinball Women Ottawa

Guam - Tommy Remembers

Germany - 1958’ memories of Giessen

Canada (Our Neighbor)

Guam ...a Deep Bingo History

...a Bingo Pinball in Panama

Virtual Pinball Argentino : 2019

The Bingo Pinballs in Mexico

Bally’s in Cuba

Argentina 1950s Distributor Sacoa

Portugal - Visita ao Pinball Hall of Fame

Johannesburg, South Africa Sighting

Argentina ... a unique Key West`

Bingos in Queensland, NZ

Vietnam – Military Fraud & Corruption

Argentina (Many Links Here)

Puerto Rico - 1965 Legislation?

~ Denmark ~

Bally Hawaii - Volley, Rolf, and Medusa

Denmark - Reanimation von Bally

Demark - Bingo funktioniert tadellos

Denmark - Säcke, die noch mit Bingo

Denmark - Super-Bingo-Automat

Denmark - 2 Stück Bingo

Denmark - Mechelen 2006`

Denmark - WIMI Miss Belgium Turbo

Denmark - Continental One Ball

Niemand Interesse an diesem Bingo-Automaten

~ United Kingdom ~

a French Miss America pinball...

Legislation / Law from around the World

The U.K. - Introduction & Overview

2014 Auction – New Castle England

oka fish Reminisces a bit`

United Kingdom - Bingo Pinball Repair

Designing your own Brazil backglass

Bingo Famine in the U.K.

62` London "Bingo-Famine"

Matching the colors on your Bikini

The fellows in the UK`

Dechipering A.C. Tansformer Connections

~ Spain ~

Spain - Introduction & Overview

Opergame - March 2012

La primera máquina pinball de Bingo

Máquina Pinball de Bingo


Forum? _ Cirsa Bingos?

You also need to look for Slot Machines

Vendo, maquina flipper bingo marca CIRSA

de la Bingo Montana

Un dia de bingeo

Máquinas Recreativas

Atracciones de Unidesa en FER 2013

y cantas linea o bingo

hola para los que jugais a esta maquina

gazo x maja

Busco Maquinas Pinball

Lo se casi todo sobre pinballs

Incluso un viejo “Bingo”

San Sabastion, Spain

Playmatic Miss Disco - Spain' 82


Como es el juego de un bingo

~ Italy ~

Italy - Introduction & Overview

...wonderful game`

...i carabinieri sequestrano giochi irregolari`

Altri tipi di flipper`


...a nice mix of the games 2020`

...a New Epidemic`

...a nice mix of the games 2020`

Bally in Italy`

De Marino Coin op Trading`

Naples 2020 - Tracking the Bingos`

...Belgium Imports?

Splin`Kakiparis` Belgiun Import`

Miss Bonus 2 - Unique Italian Bingo?

Continental What?

multe per apparecchi da gioco illegali

fallo de eurobingo

Two Unique Italian Continentals

the Bingos - "puppino"

2 bingo chi mi ha controllato`

Colpo Gobbo all’Italiana


Bellissimo bingo marca United

Italy – Some Gambling-Law History 2007

un po’ pinball e un po’ slot-machine

Fabio shares his Bingos _ Italy

Italy – Distributor “Coin op Trading s.r.l”

Italy (For Import Only)

gioco elettronico detto “Bingo”




~ Belgium ~

Café Bingo

Lokaal Neuws

Bingo Scam

Speelautomaten Opengebroken

de L’Horloge café

Bingokast moet ID

Vers la fin des bingos dans les cafés..?

`fraude aan bingoautomaten...

Les ravages insoupçonnés du Bingo

Reporters: le gros lot du Bingo

Bingo pour une entreprise liégeoise`

A night at the Brasserie 211

Un bingo dans un café rapporte 10.000 €

Bingokasten gekraakt met snaar van gitaar

Nieuwe bingoautomaten moeten...

Bingokast (One Ball)

Bingokast, Moet ID

Il pillait les bingos à Mouscron

Bingo ou one-ball

bingokasten manipuleerde

Undercover bij de recherche

Na brandbom inbraak in Taverne

Altijd prijs in Bingokasten

...Booty Cigarettes`

speelautomaten leeg in café

aux bingos dans un établissement`

van speelkasten in cafés

Malmedy: un trentenaire perd au bingo`

Bingo Montana menacés

Jeux De Café – Andre Goltz

II perd au bingo et pète

informations sur ce bingo

Class III “I.D. Cards” Req'd for the Bingos

Les machines a` Sous

Le bingo peut se jouer en salle, en ligne

Bienvenue au Cheminot

cherche cpu bingo

Arnaque au Bingo,

Bingokasten te manipuleren in Lier

"the recipe for Bingo"

....a Little Upset`

Long Tall Sally`

Jeux de café

...The Best of all Time`

weekend was ik in België..

What` Wimi and Wii Hook-up?

taverne a remmetre

Wikipedia - 1`

Flipperdeflip, wat een lekker ding!

Bingoautomaten eID-kaArtworklezer

Flipperek és rokonaik

Le monaco – Nightlife Café

Le nombre de machines à les cafés

Eric, le "meilleur joueur de bingo

nouveau Roi du Bingo

Bingotoestellen cafés

Reno Speelautomaten (Brussels Scene)

Bingo dans un Café

la Belgique à l’affût de bingo

Bingo Montana Menacés

Des flics sociaux, des amis

Strenge Controles


...euro’s met Bingokast

bij café L'Europe

Bingo ou one-ball

Bingo Liégeoise

Les règles du Bingo belge

deux jeux de bingo dans un café

dans le milieu du bingo bruxellois

Taxe sur les Bingos

flipperkasten maar van Bingokasten

Taxe sur les Bingos

insoupçonnés du Bingo

sous dans les cafés belges`

Ervaringen met bingokasten?


Portrait de rue – 5-in-Line

kraakt bingokast in seksshop

Deze spelatomaa _ Bingo of one ball

100.000 Belgen zijn gokverslaafd

au bingo d’un café le butin volé dans autre

Les bingo devront être équipées

Les bingos davantage contrôlés

Comment se joue le bingo dans les cafés

Belgique jeu café

La police des jeux dans les cafés

Belgique Jeu Café

Les règles du Bingo belge

SIRMO in Belgio

Charleroi: il gagne au Bingo

Deux flics jouent au bingo dans un café

Une policière prend une gifle

La Bingomania et ses arnaques…

~ The Netherlands ~

The Netherlands - Introduction & Overview


Spinner Magazine - June 2000

Spiiner Magazine - December 2000

Spinner Magazine - December 1999


équipement machine café, matériel de café

Bingo muistuttaa tyypillistä Flipperiä

Op deze pagina ziet u de restauratie

Wizards at Work`

...Global Resources`


Alleen Voor Amusement

Ja in de Play in in 1983

Netherlands Wikipedia

The Netherlands – Klasse III Bingos

Holland Brown Pub & Light Box

Van bingokast tot flipperkast

T-Mobile Big Show - NL

Finland - Flipperit [Pinball]




~ France ~

France - Introduction & Overview

Le bingo de café

à Paris et alentour, étaient surveillées...

Procès des bingos de bistrot...

Le bingo des douanes sur les machines

Des machines à sous contrôlées

Bingo could hit French Cafes

...un fournisseur basé aux Belgium

À l’intérieur, la caisse du Bingo

...un réseau de machines à sous` disent pas leur Nom`

... information du quotidien "La Provence"

...the CoxyGirls Blog

Un bingo est un jeu d’addresse

Bingo News - France?

...des "Bingos de Bistrots" machines de Bingo

Les Dernieres Machines a Sous

Un reseau de machines`

Seized by Gendarmes`

...un suspect veut être Libéré

les machines à sous

Bingo en Panne

Affaire de machines à sous

de machines à sous

La police s'attaque aux librairies`

C’est ce type de Bingo

Bingos in France – News??

Marseille: une nouvelle banqueroute`

Bingo Situation - Toulon France

Machines à sous Clandestines

le Bingo arrondissait les fins

Machines à sous Clandestines

a French Miss America pinball...

Une machine à réanimer les bars-tabacs

Bingo: la bataille des cafés

2009 News _ French Cafes

Jeux café - matériel de café

Anderlecht: un café cambriolé rue Brogniez

de bingokast. “Het kaske was mijn God”,

~ La Compagnie Bally ~

Pour les cafetiers, les jeux clandestins

L’AMGL de type BINGO est de flipper

Verslaaft aan Bingo

Mogelijke fraude aan bingoautomaten

Problems with Wimi’s in France


Kapellenaar kraakt bingokast in seksshop




French Parliament Permits Bingo Games

Jardin de Tivoli, Paris

France Wimis`

Larry et ese Bingos


Cette histoire de machines à sous illégales

Maquinas para los bingos

...d'exploitation de machines à sous



Paris Terror –

Ce qui est flipper de bingo-test

Automatische Ontspanningstoestellen

dans un café un Bingo à Paris...

Existe Simulador de este pinball-bingo





~ Japan ~


Japans Arcade History 28

Japans Arcade History 30

Japans Arcade History 29

Japans Arcade History 25

Japans Arcade History 26

Japans Arcade History 27

Japans Arcade History 22

Japans Arcade History 23

Japans Arcade History 24


"Game Fantasia" -  IC Bingo Manual


その昔、BINGO-IN という

Company Detail – Sigma


Sigma Medal Games

ビンゴピンボール – Silver Sails

Bayon Amusements - The Videos

...a 2016 webpage?

Japan - Post Card 2

Bingo IC - What doe that mean?

その昔、BINGO-IN という

Japan - Post Card 1


Sigma Cherokee Rose Video


Sigma Addendum

Sigma’s Artworkemis Bingo (IPDB)

The Medal Games – Probably from CYE

Sigma’s Pastel Showers

ビンゴピンボール – Acapulco Blog

Sigma Game Play

IC – Bingo Vacation

ic bingo – Searching Goggle Japan

Some Japan Pinball Industry History

ic bingo – Searching Goggle Japan

シグマのICビンゴ、Cherokee Rose

ビンゴピンボール – Yahoo Japan

Some Tokyo Japan Pinball History

Japanese Bingo Pinball Manuals


Japanese Medal Games






Sigma "OK"-game Colored Manaul


BINGO! BINGO!! BINGO!!!: 勝手な見聞録




ビンゴ・ピンボールとは? ビンゴピン...





~ Australia ~





Australia - Introduction & Overview


Australia ...Pinball Forum #2

...the Baseball Games`

Bally Bingos in Australia - Wall Street

Bingo Pinballs in Australia

Laguna Beach Australia - 2017`

Bingo pinballs in Australia

Bingo Pinballs in Australia

Aussie Arcade - Bingo Restoration

Zeroing-Out yr Magic Screen



...a Red Playfield on Carnival Queen?

A great story from Australia

...a follow-up on the Fun Machines`

Another Baseball Bingo

Bingos Saved for Generations _ Very Cool

Australia ...Pinball Forum #1

Mike Busetti’s Custom “mini” Bingo

Mr. Mike Busetti shares his Collection

Mike Busetti’s Custom “mini” Bingo – II

Australia – Bingo Pinballs

Bingo Pinballs in Australia – III

Bingo Pinballs in Australia – II

Pinball Law – Australia

History - 1956 Australia Coinmen

Australia’s “Baseball Game” Bingos


~ Gaming Shows & Expos _ European and American ~




FER-Interazar 2010

ENADA Rimini 2007`

Mechelen Fantasies Show 2006

Bally Bingo Weekend - UK 2012

Kursall Show 2010

Horeca Expo - Year Unknown

FER-Interazar 2012

2011 Pacific Pinball Expo


Ima 2008




2016` Rosamlen Show - Netherlands

Canada 2017

Collector Fantasies 2010

ENADA Primavera 2005

Horeca Expo 2012, 2013, 2014


IMA 2010 Herzlich willkommen

Rock-Around-The-Jukebox 2013

Happy Days 2006

Spanish Recreational Fair 2003

Mechelen 2008 – Belgium

ENADA Primavera 2008

Belgisch 2003

2005 International Casino Expo

2004 International Casino Expo

Mechelen 2010 – Belgium

ATEI 2009 – European Gaming Show

Rock around the Jukebox 2011

Dia Internacoinal de la Mujer 2010

ATEI 2008 – European Gaming Show

Rock around the Jukebox 2010

IMA 2010 – German Gaming Show

ATEI 2006 – European Gaming Show

Rock around the Jukebox 2009

Enada Rimini 2003 – Italian Gaming Show

ATEI 2002 – European Gaming Show

Rock around the Jukebox 2005

Enada Rimini 2006 – Italian Gaming Show

Overzicth 2009

La Saletta 2007


Flip”Out” 97

1982 Loose Change Fun Fair

Ottawa 2015 Pinball Show


Pinball Expo 86’



~  America  ~





White Rose, York Show, & Allentown





The 2012 York Show

The 2015 York Show

The 2012 Allentown Pinfest

Having Fun ...York 2010

The 2009 Allentown Pinfest

The 2000 York Show

The 2001 York Show

The 2002 York Show

The 2003 York Show

The 2004 York Show

The 2005 York Show

The 2008 York Show

The 2009 York Show

The 2010 York Show

York 2017 ...via Instagram`

Vic Camp hits 5-in-Line at 2011 York Show

The 2011 Allentown Pinfest

The 2011 York Show

The 2012 York Show - II

The 2011 Allentown Pinfest – 2

The 2012 York Show - I

The 2013 New York Show

Allentown – Year Unknown??




White Rose – 15th Year – J. Lawton








~ Bingo Memories & Stories ~





Lewie remembers Toyko


Las Vegas ...the Foxy Dog`

Las Vegas ...Diamond Jim's

Tom's 2-Cents

Europe ...Max and Me`

"For 5 bucks you know me"

Seattle ...David's Long History

Bobby Remembers Jackson Misssissippi

Lloyd remembers dad burning the Bingos`

End of the Bingos in Vegas ...early 80s

Galvaston, Texas Remembers`

...til it was gone`

Steve Smith and a Few Friends

Golden Gate Bingos in the 60s

Steve Smith_ “Pinball Muggle”

Spit ...Las Vegas in the 60s

...for Father's Day`

Bingo and “free beer”

Billyvegas's Bingo

Bob’s Spot Lite is a Keeper!!

Bluesection “Just can’t Decide”

Ira’s favorite bingo is Silver Sails

Blindpig’s favorite a 25-Hole Bingo

Phil’s favorite bingos are Bikini & Lido

Spitter’s favorite bingo is Bounty

Turfking’s favorite bingo is the Bounty

Jeffery Lawton’s favs: Lido & Bikini

Patrick likes the Gs and United’s Artwork

Gary’s list contains a Horserace Game

John-Lee’s favorite bingo is Key West

Pingeek likes Sea Island




The most fascinating Bingos

Gfary responds: “I like them all” – You?

Roman played a 7-Card in Spain

Jerry also likes the Golden gates

Pinballkings Nephew likes the OK games

Dave Cross likes Touchdown

Old Pinball Bingo Machines

150 Bingos _ What do you Pick??

...the Parkville Pickers`

53` the Saddle and Cycle Restaurant

...a reference to Russ`

Those were the Days`

Northern California - Tom looks Back`

1970s` - New Orleans "biffers"

County Fair Days`




Starnet Gypsy

“If we could trick Gillie”

"to my heart's content"

Portland pinball and Beer

"honest to God pinball"

Overton Square – Memphis

Robert remembers the PA Steel Mills

1979 – Augusta, Georgia

Hamilton Scrapbook – Anthony’s

Memory 1970 Berkely California

Tom remembers E. St. Louis, Illinois

Bingo Memory – 104EE

Thrillbilly Remembers Friday Nites

Bingo Memory – 104EF

Vicki Remembers Kansas


The “Moparman” Looks Back!!

True Release Dates of the Bingos??

Sightings – United Bingo Pinballs

Bingo Memories Pre-1980

Memories & Sightings

Misc Emails I Have Received

Hodgepodge II

Nu-Pike Arcade – 1-Cent Bingos

Long Beach – The Pike circa 1960s


Charlie LaTorre’s – Pittston, Pa early 70s

Memories & Thoughts

“Angel Steaks” in Summit Hill, PA

Plenty-of-Fish Memories

Little Brother – Tennessee River




St. Louis, Missouri Remembered”

Gillie, 25-Hole Bingos, & Homework

An Old Tennessee Memory

“Maryland in the 50s”

BingoJoe’s New Bowl-a-Lines

Sherer’s “Frog Hollow”

Roman plays a Cirsa 7 in Spain

“Chinatown San Francisco”

“Honolulu, Hawaii Remembered”

Mr. Camp remembers an-ole Dude Ranch

“Atlantic City Remembered”

Texas Mark remembers New Orleans

oka fish plays a Laguna Beach at the Cafe’

10-Cent Cut-off on Pinballs?

The bingos were all over Las Vegas


Paul’s Dream at Virgina-Tec in the 1970s

Gussie’s in Salem, New Hampshire

“if I had the space I’d have a lot more!”

MrBally got hooked in Tennessee

The Villager Tavern 1975`

Len likes playing and repairing the Bingos!

Glen could cash-out in Utah

Pin-Del shares memories of his dad!

...the late 60s in New Brunswick

San Francisco – The 1st United Triple Play?

Richard at San Francisco’s Playland

Bayshore (SF) – Triple Plays Still In Action!

Redondo Beach playing the penny Bingos

When you could still call Chicago!!

Atlantic City – 20-Hole at Pat’s Sub Shop


Baltimore, MD and the Greatest Jukebox

St. Louis, MO – Gravois near Neosho

Trenton, New Jersey – The Burg

Honolulu, Hawaii – Absolute magic to me!

Reno – “Crazy Jacks down by the Tracks”

Salisbury, England – Willllieee & David Dee

Richmond – Ol’ Earl at a diner in Bon Air

Sparks, NV – The Buffalo Bar

San Fran – The rougher section of Oakland

San Francisco – 3 Uniteds at Club 93

Reno bingos – The Old Nevada Club

Victoria, Texas – Jimmy Little’s on Cook St.

“Hot Wogs” was full of Bingos in the 70’s?

Arkansas – The Pla-Mor Pin Boys

Newark – Reconditioning bingos for Export


Myrtle Beach – A Miss America Question

Pittsburgh, PA – The Last Distributor?

Easley, SC – Clive picks up his first Bingo

The Bingos ...a story well shared`

Brian’s bingo has some history – Indiana

Kingsport Tennessee – Chuck’s Drive’ in

San Francisco – Red’s had a few Uniteds

Vegas Bingos & A Hi-Lo Twist

Knoebels Groove, PA – Shoot-a-Line

Flip Out 97’ – United Playtime

The Frisco Story Continues

Warsaw, Indiana – Out back of Breadings

“My Life” Howard Norfolk









~ Score Related _ High Scores _ Unique Scores – etc!!  ~




Scoring on Keeney's Lite-a-Line

5-in-Line on 42nd and Broadway.

Mystic Lines - Color Zones

(8) Balls & No Score - Yikes`

Section Scoring - Malibu Beach

...a nice 5-in-Line on Beach Time

In-Skirt Scoring

Super Card score on Beach Club

...Colored Lines scoring`

5-in-Line on Miss Universe

It's Show Time`

...a couple - 1958 Carnival Queen`

A couple of fun games - Circus Queen



5-in-Line on Havana

A Very Nice Game - 1957 Sun Valley

5-in-Line win on Big Time

4-in-Line on Miss Nevada

5-in-Line on a Bally Beach Time

4-in-Line win on Pixies

United Circus Gameplay &  Scoring

Silver Sails  "Golden Game" Jackpot`

...maybe the only Bingo`

(4) Hits in the Blue - Ballerina

Corners Score - Bally Bingos

Dan's Miss America Deluxe * 5-in-Line

Two 5-in-Lines on a Bally Gay Time – 1955

Sun Valley Days.....

192-OK – Frank’s Golden Gate




4-in-Line on a Bally Variety

John “Smacks” his Laguna Beach

3-in-Line scores on my Surf Club

154 on a Silver Sails ??

Scoring on Wimi’s Euro Skittle

Miss America 75’ – Two 4-in-Lines

Bonus 7 _ Will Knock Your Socks Off!!

5-in-Line on a Bally Broadway

3556 Credits on a Lite-a-Line??

(5) of (6) cards on a 6-Card Bingo

2400 Payout on Dixieland!!

The Biggest Loser

4-in-Line _ Miss Bowling Golden

Nice 5-in-Line on Vic’s Night Club

5-in-Line _ Bright Lights


4-in-Line – John’s Miss America Supreme

5-in-Line Double Score on a Bally (Vic)

Bally Acapulco _ Jeffery Lawton

5-in-Line – Bally Beach Club

5-in-Line – Double-Header Turning Corners

Jerry Hits w/Odds Pegged at 600

Lighting up 12 Numbers w/5 Balls??

5-in-Seciton Hit – Bahama Beach

Memories: Players Highest Payout

5-in-Line win on Big Time

“4 Separate Colors” – Golden Gate

“Ripping It Up” on a pair of OK Games

“Super Card” win on my Bally Big Time

Manhattan 4-in-Line - Clean!

4-Corners on two cards – Dixieland







~ Pages on the Odds, the Features, and Notes on How-to-Play the Bingos ~




The Bally Bingo Check List (R. Jensen)

Backbox Instruction Cards` ...Bally

...features Euro Bingo 7

Belgium 6-Card Bingos - Progressive Odds

The handrail buttons R, D, C`

The first bingo with Super Lines`

Magic Lines` more look`

Super 7 Seven's - Crazy Seven

6-Card Bingos - 4-Corners

Gay Times` - Magic Pockets

Progressive Bonus - Double Green Score

...the Splin Montana Magic Tower

Playing the Montana De Luxe

...the game play - Palm Beach

Green Diamond Bonus

“How-to-Play – II” _ Phil Bogema

Spell-Name ...Nevada

“How-to-Play” _ Phil Bogema

...the Ballyhole - Beach Time

...the Basics - 3-Card Bingos

...the Ballyhole - Show-Time

...Advancing Odds & Features

...the game play - Miss America Deluxe

...the Turning Corners ganes

...the features - Diamond Diagonals

...the features - Strike Numbers

...the Super Lines

...a new TOP-ROW feature

Double and Triple Score Features

...the HOLD feature

...the features - Super Cards

...the Famous “SPOT” Feature

...a bingo with a Magic Card

...the features - Super Score

...the "OK" Games

...the features - Stop and Shop *

...the Magic Lines

...the  Magic Lines - Restart

...the features - Jungle Gmes

...the features - Playfield Scoring

...the Magic Lines - Twin-Card

...the One Balls

...the Magic Sqaures

...the Golden Games

...the One Balls

...the Select-a-Spot

...the Basics - 2-Card Bingos - Corners

...the Red Letter games

...the Magic Lines

...the Basics - What are Bingo Pinballs?

...the features - Miss America 75

...the One Balls

...the One Balls

...the Basics - 3-Card Bingos

...the Basics - Probability-Matrix




...the Magic Screens

...the Pick ’n ’Play

...the game play - As detailed by Vic Camp

...the Magic Screens - Japanese

...the game play – Bright Lights

...the game play - Full Screen Bingos

...the Basics – 1-Card Bingos

...the 6-Card Bingos - Graphics Games

...the game play - Embedded TFT Graphics

...the MagicLines

...the 6-Card Bingos – Card Features

...the game play - 6-Card Basics

...the Rollovers

...the features - As detailed by the “Bingo King”

...the Red Letter games




...the Magic-Screens

...the Basics - Learning to Play

...the Lite-a-Name games

...the Magic Squares

...the Basics – Cabinet Terminology

Score Cards / Super Lines / Skill Scores

...the Basics – 2-Card Bingos

...the Basics - United Manuals

...the Magic Lines

...the features - United Playfields

...the Magic Pockets

...the Ballyhole

...the game play – Bonus 7

...the Mystic Lines

...the Mystic Lines







~  There are a few Forums out here on the Internet with Bingo activity …Community  ~





Introduction & Overview





Retro-Flip - France - Bally Hawaii

General Chat - Counterfiet Cowboy` ...Google

AussiePinball ...Australia

FlipperFrance Forum

AussieArcade ...Australia

Maaca Forum.Canada

Ballys in Britain ...Tapatalk

Pinside Forum.America

Forum Italiano Flipper


Vecchi Flipper.Italy

Bingo Pinball EM Machines - FB


Bingo Butch & Friends - FB







~ …………..Computer Simulated Bingo Pinball Technology……….…. ~




"Looking Forward"

Belgium Bingo Pinball Simulations

Virtual Pinball Argentino : 2019

Pinup Popper ...Playlist

Bingo vs. Flipper ...Virtuel

W. Dagelmann ...the Tables`

Bingo.Joopriem ...the Tables`

Mike Busetti’s Custom “mini” Bingo

Back How Far - 2010`

Programmer / Creator - Hung

Programmer / Creator - Draudic

Programmer / Creator - DocFlipr

Full Size Machine - Mike Busetti

Upright - Jon's Universal

Full Size Machine - Mr. Flup Peirloz

Full Size Machine - Troy's Work

Full Size Machine - Nick's Work

Full Size Machines - Joopriem`

Simulations - Bingo Pinball - Phone Apps

Programmer / Creator - Draudic (Will)

Simulations - Bingo Pinball - Flash Games

Simulation Site - Future Pinballs

Bingo Pinball Tribute Simulations - Bipingo

Web Forum - Pinball Nirvana

Simulation Site - IRpinballs

Bingo Pinball Tribute Simulations - ERSTE

Simulation Site - Rogue Pinball



Future Pinball - Beach Club

PinSim DB - Bally Continental

Future Pinball - Continental

Future Pinball - Original Bingo Poker

PinSim DB -  Bikini

Future Pinball - Rainbow Bingo





~ Hmmm – The Machines ~





Jerry` ...a bit on the Hoppers

Roller Derby w/Hopper

1969 London w/Hopper?

Nevada Roller Derby w?Hopper

Laguna Beach ...two different Hoppers

Miss America Supreme w/Hopper

Silver Sails w/Reno Nevada Hopper

California Silver Sails w/Hopper

...1960s Eastern Seaboard`

Las Vegas Palm Springs w/Hopper

Miss America 75 w/Hopper

1962 and a GG/SS combo w/Hopper

Silver Sails with a nice Hopper

.Early 50s` Bally/United w/Hoppers

Bounty with a Las Vegas Hopper

Bally offered two Bingos w/Hoppers

Miami Beach - The Hoppers

Ballerina w/hopper - Bally 1956

Cypress w/a nice clean Hopper


Short-Lived ...the Pinball Era`

"Multiple Coin" Bingos

Barrel o' Fun and Fun Way'

Bingo Pinball Meters`

Manuals - Bally`

Is your Bingo Rare`

Belgium" Regulated to at least 85%"

Miss America 57' - Special Paperwork?

The States: Price/Cost! – New!/Old!

Playfield Serial Numbers - Bally

1955 – Advertised Used Prices




Wanted United Bingo Pinballs

Where are the Bingos!

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

How many Bingos were there?

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

Aren’t you Curious?

How many Bingos were there`

How many Bingos were there?

So How Many Bingo Were There?

How many Bingos were there`

...a little more of the  Math

How much money did a bingo earn?

How much did the bingos earn?

How much do the bingos earn?

How much did the bingos earn?

How much money did a nickel bingo earn?

How much did the Bingo earn?

“Skill Pins” Definition?

1959 Bally - "Skill Appeal"

Skillpins in the U.K.

1952 Skill Scores Bingo

the “Skill Scores” - These might be Cool!

1960 Fun Spot - "Skill Scores"

“Skill Scores” – The Rocket Games



Backbox Instruction Cards` ...Bally

Sirmo New Orleans Score Cards

Some Unique United Circus Score Cards

Detailed Miss Bowling Cards

European Bingo Player Cards`

Score Cards - Custom

Score Cards Serial Numbers – A Mystery?

European Score Cards – Wimi

European Score Cards – Sirmo

Score Cards – Finally some Detail!

Score Card – Custom

United Score Cards - Rare`

Odd Miss Belgium Score Card

Hybrid Metal-Style Score Cards

Bally Nashville Playfield/Score Cards

Odd Moulin Rouge Score Card

Skill Pins Internals and Score Cards

Label-Maker Score Cards

United ABC Score Cards

Oddball _ United Tropics Score Cards

The War against the Machines!

3 Ball Bingo

Business – Let’s start following the Money

A Different Kind of Pinball

What was the last year at Bally

 Busy – “Just Cram a Nickel in me Man!”

6-Card – White/Yellow Lines??

What, the Bali Bingos went Overseas?

“One Coin Only” – Single Coin History

“Amusement Only”  ...the Spot-em Bingos

Has your Bingo been Rigged / Slashed?

Clearly folks wanted a few other Bingos`




~ Custom Bingos ~


There are some stories behind these modified Bingo Pinballs

Tennesse X8 - OK-game

Nice Little custom - Miss Turbo`

A few Bounty's also got the Treatment`

Bally Golden Gate

Continentals - Extra Magic Number 13

Custom Paint Work - Blue Chip

R. Biros - Six Shots

Custom Artwork - Jack Daniel's

Custom Artwork - Star Time

Custom Miss America 75..?

Argentine Pennant Game

Custom Artwork - Miss Philippines

Single Coin Sunset Bingo

So, what qualifies as Custom Artwork`

Custom Artwork - Sea Fair

Custom Artwork - Gaye Time

Custom Artwork - Ticker Tape 74

Custom Artwork ...the Baseball Games`

Custom Artwrok & Design - Roller Derby

Custom Paint - Bally Key West

Custom Artwork - Single Coin games`

Custom Artwork - BGS Bounty

Custom Artwork ...the Rocket Games`

Custom Artwork - Kid's Games`

Custom Artwork - BGS Bikini

Custom Artwork - Bay Belle

Custom Artwork - Skippy`

Custom Artwork - Laguna Beach

Custom Artwork - Skippy`

Custom Artwork - Bally Big Time

Custom Artwork - Eight Spot`

Custom Artwork - Bally o-Wall Street`

Custom Artwork - Bally Beauty

Unique Name - Lotta Fun

Custom Artwork - Gayety gets a Spin`

Custom Artwork - USA-FUN

Custom Artwork - Lotta Frolics

Customm Artwork - 42nd and Broadway

Custom Artwork - Arizona

Custom Artwork - Desert-Theme Bingos

Custom Artwork - Bally Orient

Custom Artwork - United Circus BG

Daytona Beach - Custom Bally Spin

Custom Artwork & Design - Having Fun

Custom Hawaii - Nice Clean Artwork

Custom Artwork - Surf Club

Custom - Calypso  - Magic Squares Bingo

Custom Artwork - BGS Circus Queen

Custom Artwork - Laguna Beach

Custom Artwork & Design - Sho Gal






~  America’s Bingo Pinballs  ~




~  Law Related  ~

Pinball Gambling Laws and the Bingos

1962 Hearings ...the 87th Congress`

1962` Office Attorney General

Gambling Devices Act of 1962`

...are pre-1962 Bingos still OK~