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કવર છબી  કવર છબી  કવર છબી

સ્ક્રીનશોટ છબીસ્ક્રીનશોટ છબીસ્ક્રીનશોટ છબીસ્ક્રીનશોટ છબી

You have 5 pinballs per game and 6 bingo cards with numbers 1-25. Your goal is to land the pinballs in the numbered holes on the playfield to create a line of 3, 4 or 5 on the bingo cards.

This games inspiration derives from real pinball machines. These machines, called bingo pinball machines, are both fun and challenging. If it is your first time playing a bingo pinball, make sure to read the how to play section in game to learn the basics. To unlock all the cards and features it is highly recommended that you insert the max credits (10) before starting each game. The difference in your final payout could be significantly lower without having all the cards enabled or the right features activated.

This game is all about skill, as well as luck. If you got the skill to land the correct numbers, and the luck of the features you will be well rewarded.

Thanks for playing, do not hesitate to contact me for any reason!

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…trust me ` there are no Bingos in the Arabia Peninsula`