Bingo Pinballs

Created 05-12-2019


Wow` the beginning-of-the-beginning, smile`


…now I really like a few of the “static” cards games; but for many it’s 1954 and true Variety lands in our laps and the future of the Bingos is set for decades`


_ Magic Lines _


image1 (1).jpg


The players truly immersed and enmeshed in the games; with direct physical control over the Bingo card it’s self`




….for a few extra coins you are offered Extended Play and cha-ching, soon the elusive 4 and 5 in-line combinations become promising`


Very Promising`


…yeah Big Time, things are changing`




Toss in Roll-Over buttons offering the “10” and “25” – Super Cards and some Pretty Girls`


…and these Bingos would sell-and-sell


The success of the next-generation Big Time speaks for its self`


august 20th 55.jpg


…a year of strong sales and serious affirmation and feedback to Bally that Don has nailed it


Truly involve the Player`































…and why not!




You don’t have to sacrifice odds` and those Nickels are out there…