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Created on 11-16-2017




MAXI Mundial


I spotted this Dec 06th, 2007 but never really looked at it until today – This thing looks Cool,


That is the 14-Coin Magic Numbers 6-Card format we are all use to seeing, but check out the buts…


MAXI 1200 Bonus




Some tricked-out Yellow Star Burst Bonus that looks tied to the center number on the Super Line…


…so most likely a One Ball game of some sort


Now as you can see, the 3-in-Line, 4-in-Line, 5-in-Line odds are fixed and Cards 4,5,6 pay better odds,


So this Bingo is all about the Special Features,





Now check out the top-right area of that backglass,


Ya gotta wonder if that is a company logo























Most of these Mundial games were French-Imports