Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-17-2020


In November/December 2019, I broke apart my Bingos-around-the-World Section into the groups of specific

countries you see now and I am glad I did, and one of the reasons is because of pictures you see me post like this one below`



It is this kind of history I hope to better capture-and-share with you all`


This picture is from my files and I completely missed helping to log its origin and that makes me sad`

This is in my collection and titled “Flipper Bingos Italy” from 2019, so maybe there is still a chance to document

the story here and obviously there is one – Just look at this set of Bingo Pinballs`


…all TSCC Bingos`


…none of them plugged in and working`


Continental Super 7 followed by Continental Magic Game followed by a “Mystery” game`


Now which Bingo Pinball is that`


Now obviously this is an entire Route of machines, so when/where/and why`







This is a great set of bingos and there has to be a wonderful story here`


Yes, Italy is a bingo-friendly country`


Yes, Italy is one of Belgium’s greatest destinations for Exports`


Yes, Belgium takes one generation of the machines out of the pubs for the next. So yes,

this set of Bingos represents a “generation” of games, so this pictures helps reflect history

from Belgium and Italy both – Both machines-sets and machine-times`






This is a fantastic piece of history and a reminder to me, to better document the Bingos`

They are not just Cool-and-Pretty pictures, they are history too`






Please email me if you recognize this photo`































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