Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-20-2020 – Last update 05-30-2020


Well I never heard of anyone designing pinball simulations for your pc before until one lucky day

when a nice man Will emailed me. Both a designer/programmer, Will start working on some Bingos

and hoped I would be interested in posting them on my website – Of course`


IR Pinball Header.png



Now, I haven’t followed these games as close as I should have but I think this is one of the very first

websites giving a home to the designers and games – Very Cool`


I am sure more than a few of you recognize that header and newsfeed`


Well, I will break this family Bingos, out each with their own page, but I want to post a few

as a teaser to help introduce this technology`






Now the playfields and backglasses on this generation of games are real Bingos, based up photos from sources like me`




The play is based upon programming and the actual rules of the Bingos, Player Score & Instruction Cards`




Detail from the Flyers – etc`






Although these tables date wayback, these games are very fun to play. The technology is close to

“actual play” in noise, operation, and features and this is the largest selection out here of the Bingos`








….simulations, from the Early Days`