Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-26-2017


OK, the IPDB just sent me a little note about searching the IPDB, laugh,


If you look closely at the search-engine on their main page, it is titled “quick” search and apparently it may not provide a full response.

So the “advanced search” is likely your best bet for exploring everything they have. More on this later,


Anyway, no matter what Country you are from, no matter what Region you are from, and no matter what Browser you are searching with,

if you search the Internet on “pinballs” one of the top returns is always the IPDB…


…if you try to find my webpages, you can’t  - laugh…


So it is obvious that as we use-and-share the Internet, we should all help build the IPDB!


The folks there are really nice and clearly their database is the most extensive catalog of the games!


So please help, please send the IPDB as many notes and photos of the Bingos as you can,


Thank you,







One of the things I have been trying to record are Snap-Shots!


Every now-and-then I will take a copy of a website and post it on my pages; to share how it looks that day, that year – Moments in time!


…But copying a website like the IPDB is not easy, in fact it is very tricky,


So I am wondering if there is a good/safe way to record the games they have…?


Instead of trying to copy the html code, somehow you can capture their list of games in an Excel format.


Somehow I did this in 2012 – Somehow I made this list below,


ipdb horserace and bingos list.xls







Does anyone know how?


Cabana Inside Backbox - Detail


Uniteds` Cabana


Courtesy Dennis Dodel,