Bingo Pinballs

Created on 07-05-2015 – Last update 01-01-2018


I stumbled on this site in 2015 out on Bing and I am so very glad I did.


I opened this search return because of the odd name it has, which is Very Cool,


The website shared this detail:




This simulation project is based on an original Bingo Pinball Table created by Stan Burns. Back in 1969, Stan created a 9 hole table

from scratch which he called ERSTE. The table was 90% complete when he stopped working on it. There were not very many Bally parts

available to the public then. Drawing from parts and components that were abundant and readily available at the time, the project was full of

bulky relays of the 120 volt AC variety including 120 volt stepping relays. Several small 6 volt DC relays were also used. A light sensitive

diode and a rotating turntable with a hole allowing light to shine through were used to produce the needed timing pulses. It was a crude

design but it worked well except the replay counter was a Veeder Root up-down counter with a zero stop switch but with a much smaller

display than those found in Bally machines. If that same project were done today, low power solid state devices would be used in place of

most of the bulky relays. The system then lacked a ball transport mechanism to feed dropped balls back up to surface play level. Except for that,

the system was complete. Now, this program represents the completed project in simulation form.


When installed, the operation of the program will be intuitive except perhaps for the following three points:


(1) To shoot a ball, simply click and hold down the “SHOOT” button then release at the desired moment.


(2) If you click inside the box directly underneath the “QUIT” button then type 1234 inside the box, you will be taken to

the Owner’s Dashboard. Another few options will be available there.


(3) When the CORNERS panel is lit, main card corners score 200. When the BLUE LINE SPECIAL is lit, 3-in-line on the Blue Line scores 64

and 4-in-line scores 150. Neither the main card corners nor the 4-in-line can be achieved without using the EXTRA BALL. The EXTRA BALL

can be played for by chance after shooting the third ball and pressing (clicking) the EXTRA BALL button located in the GAME CONTROL CENTER.

Each press of the EXTRA BALL button deducts one replay from the game counter. If the game counter displays 000, then instead of deducting

a replay, the player must press the DEPOSIT COIN button located in the GAME ENTRY CENTER. It may take several replays or DEPOSIT COIN

clicks to obtain the EXTRA BALL.


To clear a possible mystery, the “R” imposed over “P” icon associated with the installed software represents RASCAL PROGRAMS.


Obviously improvements are planned to the program. Plans call for adding options to make obtaining features, score, and the extra ball

more stingy or more loose with the owner being able to set and control various levels of these aspects from the Owner’s Dashboard.

Other improvements may also eventually be in the works.


This software is offered "AS IS" and without warranties as to performance and without any express or implied warranties whatsoever.

In no event shall Stan Burns or Rascal Programs assume any liability for damages, losses, and/or causes of action that exceed the total

amount paid to them by the user for this software.





A 9-hole Bingo with sounds and all, and you start like all the old bingos by depositing some coins’


Features like Super Triangle, Blue Line Special, and Spot Shop _ Don would have loved this Bingo!




…and they had a couple of other machines,


All of which seemed “stand-alone” not needing a base software to operate!




_ A couple of nice tributes to Bally _


I can’t seem to get these to post as files here, but if you would like the games, please ask.


They are very small in size and seem easy to load and use.


Each file come with a .doc and .txt file to help navigate you through the setup and play`


I don’t see this site as active anymore here in 2017, which is too bad, I guess I should have downloaded everything` Oh well, (dead)