Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-26-2019


Well in looking at the games Bally released in 1960, 1961, and 1962 helps tell a bit of the story of Don’s leaving Bally`


1960 found them releasing the Ohio Dimes games, helped fueled by the laws at the time, none-the-less seriously reflects

the lack of leadership heading the design efforts behind the Bingo machines. Clearly this also extended the life of the

Magic Screen games that Don started rolling out with Carnival Queen in 1958. Maybe the saving-grace for Bally, who

heavily relied upon the revenue from Bingos to fuel the company. Slight spins of this popular game, basically saved them.



I can just see (image) this all playing out`


federico croci.jpg


Photo Courtesy of Federico Croci`


A shake-up, yes, literally shaking through the halls at Bally`so huge they publically recognized it here

in Cash Box magazine – They respond to concern also quaking through the industry`reacting at

the highest-levels possible, also announcing Ray Moloney Jr. to be added to the board……


Don’s father also worked at Bally, 2nd-generaton, a decade as Chief Design Engineer, Father-of-the-Bingos


His leaving was huge …a True Legacy`





….Walter Burnside also left at this time, left with the guys`


















_ the story continues to unfold, stay tuned _