Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-27-2019


Well, I stumbled across Phil’s site not long after he started it. Naturally I thought it was very Cool and years later here, as

all of you, I still think it is really really Cool. Phil has done a magnificent job sharing all of the resources he has collected,

others have shared with him, and posting it for all of us – Kindly and openly helping us to preserve the Bingos`


Thank you Phil`


I really feel a bit guilty; since he has been so wonderful to me, and since I have really have only made one contribution to his site`


…about the same time I found Phil, Phil found me – Smile`


Russ Jensen had just sent Raymond and myself copies of the Don Hooker interview and Phil was hoping to get a copy. Well,

being an engineering-type, Phil ran with it and really cleaned up all of the video and audio as much as possible.


Even better, posted it for everyone: Link - Don Hooker Interview`


Well, I was visiting Phil’s site the other day, going through his History section, when I noticed that we didn’t clearly identify the

Source. Russ told us it was from an Expo, but shared no other associated detail with that and I never asked – Dumb`


So, promoted again, I finally figured it out, here ya go`


Cash Box January 31st 1987 - 1.png


Cash Box January 31st 1987.png


Courtesy Cash Box Magazine _ January 31st, 1987`





















Link - Russ Jensen - Pinball Expo 86`
























_ stay tuned _