Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-26-2019


Cash Box Magazine has yielded us quite a few treasures over the years - October 10th, 1944 brings us another`


When I posted this today on Bingo Butch’s facebook page I wrote:


We credit Don with working at Bally and designing Citation before leading the effort on the Bingos, but it seems he dates back

to at least 1944. Starting off as Chief Electrical Engineer - Cool`


What was really Cool was I immediately got a response, a return comment from Freddy Bailey`


“Bud Breitsteoin and Don Hooker after leaving Bally in the late 1960's went over and became partners in Westronics with my late

partner Mickey Wichinsky and then President of Bally Billy O'Donnell Westronics was an operating company in Last Vegas……”


cash box.png


Conformation of my thoughts and earlier posts about Don and Bernie and how they left Bally, and didn’t design any of the early

1960s Bingos like the Barrel games, the Fun Spot machines, and Lotta Fun`


It was to be years, before the guys helped Bally again`
























_ Stay tuned _