Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-22-2012 – Last update 02-22-2020



Sirmo’s website separates out its local machines offerings from its Exports and lists the exports out by county including Italy.


While chasing that connection on the Internet one day, I found this Italian Distributor _ De Marino Coin op Trading.


_ Notice how they list both Seeben and Sirmo _


Most of the Sirmo Exports are sold under the parent companies name Seeben and most of the bingo backglasses are labeled Seeben.


Italy Circus


In 2015`I tried searching on and the link appears dead _ Too bad, we may have gotten some good bingo pictures!


Circus 388 - Sirmo Italy Export


~ The bingo you see listed in a Circus 388 ~






_ Found this today here in 2020 _


These guys were players`

























…there maybe a few more clues in that flyer to help us chase the games in Italy,







…so, stay tuned`