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John was kind enough to write in!!


_ I knew the Marines liked Bingo Pinball _ Semper Fi _





…Thxs John…




Songs #1 …. ??


Roger Morden was kind enough to mail this in _ He credited youTube:


Deke Dickerson pinball boogie.mp3 – 07-05-2015




Movie 1:


_ OK I got a few picture of this now _ Sweet _ Thxs Mike!!



GODZILLA 1998 Columbia / TriStar Productions – Oh yeah!


From: Mike Singer (
Subject: Pinball in Godzilla

This is the only article in this thread

Date: 1999/02/24


Did anyone notice the bingo machine playfield in the background as a wall hanging in the movie Godzilla, or has this been covered 46 times already?


It was in the bedroom when the blonde was crying about doing the wrong thing.


Mike Singer

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Well the answer is an “ATLANTIC CITY” – My wife now thinks I am officially crazy, it only took a mere 4 hours to figure it out :)


The little blonde girl Jean Reno sitting alone in the bedroom on the bed feeling sorry for herself, Hank Azaria comes into console her and help get the boyfriend back – Through the whole seen on the back wall behind her – mounted on the wall is a Bally bingo playing field ……






Movies / TV / Radio 2: - Awesome Steve Thank you!


Hi Danny,


I see you’ve added bingos in the movies. I know of two more.

One I believe is named “Used Cars” (Curt Russell’s in it) There a scene in a night club/bar and there’s one or two magic screen games in the backgound. One is being played. I remember they were kind of out of focus but I’m thinking it was a County Fair (?). Moive was okay but not great - kind of funny – worth watching sooner or later. Never saw the movie “Diner”. but saw a snapshot of the scene showing the upper corner of a magic screen game in (I think) a pool hall.


I did see three in some older TV shows.


Two on The Andy Griffith Show


He and Barney had dates with two kind of trashy women and go to a diner in Mt. Pilot. There’s a bingo in the back room shown a couple of times. The second time someone’s playing it while someone is watching. (I think it was a United … something)


The other Andy Griffith episode is when Gomer is going into the Marines. Andy goes to California with him and meets Sgt. Carter in a diner. I believe that’s where I saw one in the background I couldn’t ID.


Last one was in The Dick Vandyke show. It was a flashback episode to when Rob met Laura. They were in an officer’s club and there was a single card sitting out in the open. I didn’t ID that one either (Ohhhh Rob).


I also know of Pinball on the Radio.

Jack Benny was playing a pinball for a payout in a drug store on The Eddie Canter Program.

It was pretty good actually. I’ll hunt it down if you like.


All for now,

Steve Smith

Richmond VA



Radio 3:


Russ, I still love "Counterfeit Cowboy"..Play it almost daily. About a guy who goes into a bar that has a Bingo machine. He orders "Ten Rolls of Nickels, & a Schlitz"

Right Russ???..EL



Movies 4:


Hi All,

I watched "City By The Sea" on DVD tonight.  There's a pin in the diner scene, the 2nd scene, about 4 minutes into the movie.  It's an EM, only the head visible.  A line going across the head, dancing stick people.  Maybe a Williams EM, late 60's or early 70's, judging by the stick people art. Maybe somebody's seen this movie, and id'd the pin?  Also, about an hour into the movie, scene 18, bandoned casino, there's a side view of a white pinball head, maybe a bingo head with red and blue sails on the side.  Ideas? There was also what appeared to be some kind of bingo or pin, orange cabinet in the first casino scene earlier in the flick, but hard to see.





Movies 5: (From PinGeek – Josh Kaplan)


Diner                    some sort of bingo     Tim Daley, Steve Guettenberg, Pool hall scene (thanks Sean K and Steve Smith)


T.V.1: (From Pingeek – Josh Kaplan)

Starsky And Hutch

El Toro, Bally, 1970 and Winner, Williams, 1972, and a bingo with a blue cabinet and a head with a bowling pin painted on it.

Savage Sunday (season 1, ep. #2)

DVD, scene 3, 25 min. into episode, Monty's bar, fight scene.

T.V.2: (From Pingeek – Josh Kaplan)

Starsky And Hutch

Key West (bingo), Bally, 1956;

The Bait (season 1, episode #10)

DVD, scene 2, 9 min. into episode, arcade scene, featuring a bunch of EM skill games and pinball machines.



T.V.3: - Awesome Steve _ Thank you!


Now who doesn’t know “Laura” from the Dick Van Dyke Show


Mrs. “Melt-Your-Socks-Off “ _ Mary Tyler Moore _ Yummy Plus!!







“oh Yeah!!” _ That’s a United Tropics _ Laugh!


(Another reminder why Mr. Smith is a Bingos Who’s Who)


Movie 5: - Looks like this guy is praying to the thing!!


1973: L’altra faccia del padrino




IMDB: L’altra faccia del padrino

Anno: 1973
Regia: Franco Prosperi
Interpreti: Alighiero Noschese, Lino Banfi, Minnie Minoprio
Genere: commedia
Apparizione: una Slot machine “Bally Super Treble Chance” e un’altra da identificare, un Juke-Box e un Bingo vengono distrutti a colpi di sedie
Dove: in un bar
Segnalato da: Lucablob



T.V. #4 - Magnum P.I. season one episode 18

(Sent in here in 2012 from one of our Bingo-Buddies with the caveat: Disclaimer: I don’t own these. _ Laugh)


1_18_j_full 1_18_t_full





An awesome set of Bally Bingos!! _ I wonder what year this was??



Steve via Josh via Hollywood:


From: "Josh Kaplan"
Date: Apr 14, 2012 3:41:48 PM
Subject: bingo pins in the movies
To: <cabinut@>
I have started working on a page for the "Sea Island" bingo that was in the movie "Two-Lane Blacktop" I saw a while back.  Attached is a screen shot from the scene.


About 1:08 into the movie _ Laurie Bird gets up from the table in some little restaurant and strolls over to two coin machines:


A United Skittle game and the Bally Bingo:


Image 5


Image 7


Image 11


Image 12


Good catch on Josh’s part _ I have seen this movie at least 100 times and never caught this…….  Thxs guys!



From: James Schidlowsky <james.schid@

To: bingopinballs

Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 8:08 AM

Subject: bingos spotted in movies


Hello there.


I spotted a couple of bingo machines in some movies that maybe you didn't know about...


1. A Laguna Beach (Bally, 1960) in John Waters' "Cry-Baby" (1990). The attached photo is is just for reference and not very good because I just shot it off my TV screen... it looks like someone put bat stickers on the backglass.


2. A Bally Beauty (Bally, 1952) in "Portland Exposé" (1957). There's a picture of it in a post on my blog here:





Portland Exposé (USA, 1957)

Director: Harold Schuster. Stars: Edward Binns, Carolyn Craig, Virginia Gregg.

A low-budget sortof gangster noir, although with some rougher stuff than most. It does seem, as the main character remarks, that these organized crime goons and their methods are from another era, but apparently, this kind of thing was really going on in the 50s in Portland, OR.

The basic story is that a tavern owner is forced by the mob to run his place “wide open”, with all that evil stuff like slot machines, pinball machines, general gambling and B-girls. When his daughter is attacked by one of the gangsters, he starts collecting evidence in order to bring the syndicate down.

In the beginning, a local pinball machine supplier manages to convince the tavern owner to take a pinball machine, who doesn’t want more because he’s afraid of the evil gambling aspect. It’s a Yuma Arizona (United, 1950). BTW, The jukebox looks like it’s a 1954 Wurlitzer model 1700


_ sweet_

Thank you James,