Bingo Pinballs

 Created on 10-05-2019



Well has anyone “EVER” opened up a Bingo Pinball Museum


…ah my buddy Larry has`


Two years ago “he swore me to secrecy” on his plans to open up a Bingo Museum he started working on – Sweet`


…and naturally I was wonderfully pleased when I received a set of photos the other day`


Great job Buddy – Thanks for inviting me down, I will try to get there soon`





















Larry is open for Business`








Really Larry is just getting start, so


If you have anything you can send him – small or large – That would be great please`


Paper, Flyers – Anything`


I know he would really really appreciate it`


Larry also gets around, so if you are down that way he might even pick-up`





Museum is at 821 south Division st. Guthrie ok...73044












Larry is working on some other projects; including a working see-through Bingo – Sweet`


Larry is a very nice man` please feel free to ask for his email address if you would like to reach out to him`





You Rock Brother`

























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