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Here is a bit of insight into the End-of-Days at Bally from Mr. Marshall. I think the line about Mr. Benson hanging back to “get the production up-and-running” is very interesting. I wonder if it was the same in Don Hooker’s days; wonder if the design engineers help set-up and control the manufacturing lines. Likely it was. In his interview Don briefly mentions designing some automated test equipment and a spring tester – etc.


Obviously Mr. Marshall is very knowledgeable about Bally and the Bingos _ My many thank to him for taking the time to respond!!


Marshall, Gary C PWR

To Jeffrey Lawton/Me

Feb 14, 2011


I have seen these, as well as others, and all are very interesting from both a technical and historical perspective.


The patents on the Magic Screen ( Roman T. ) and Mystic Lines ( Bernie B. ) are pretty cool too. As per Larry Benson, basically the entire engineering department, from himself up to Mr. Hooker left Bally for the Chicago vending machine company Canteen, but were back at Bally in just a few years. I have seen some Canteen-era patents that Don Hooker did as well.


Mr. Benson hung back and got the production lines and associated test fixture humming during those years.


I was told that they spent quite a bit of time on layout of the playfield and collected quite a bit of data on the probability associated with each number.


I would like to track down Mr. Hooker’s son, who worked at Bally as a draftsman for a while in the 60s & 70s.






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These are very interesting. I am going to share them with my friend, Gary Marshall in Waveland MS. Gary is a collector who had the misfortune to lose his entire pinball collection and paper archives (which were considerable) along with his home and personal property in hurricane Katrina. I met Gary through my book and replaced his copy at no cost when I heard what had happened to him.

Gary & I have become good friends.

Danny, this is a long winded way of saying that Gary may have some valuable comments and insights to these items as well as valuable information which he may be able to share with your web-readers.

Your friend,

Jeffrey Lawton

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Hi Jeff,


I stumbled across these a few days ago and thought you'd might enjoy them:


Would love to have any comments you'd like to share - My readers would enjoy them too!


Hope this finds you well,


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_ Thanks Jeff _