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Created on 07-12-2020


Here is an excerpt from a longer thread on the Balls-A-Poppin pinball by Bally`

Where they mention another pinball by them ~ Bally U.S.A


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I own a Balls-A-Poppin' and a Bally U.S.A. The U.S.A. has no flippers and was considered a parts game for Bingo machines after it was determined not legal to transport Bingo  machines or parts accross certain state lines. The Bingo game essentially represented  the pinball industries answer to the Johnston Act of 1951. The Korpan decision on September 28, 1956 ruled that Bingo Machines were gambling devices. The prohibition included all states except Nevada, South Carolina and Tennessee.


The Bally U.S.A. was made in May 1958 and is one of the best looking machines that Bally had made during the 50's. The cabinet has a beautiful colour drawing of the American flag. The game is also fun to play but tough to beat.


U.S.A. Backglass


Courtesy of East Coinop Amusements



Now we know the Queen Machines like Beauty Contest where “spare part” machines for the Bingos`

…but this is the first time I have seen reference to Bally U.S.A.


In reading this nice press release from Rob Hawkins it’s easy to believe`


U.S.A. Billboard New Game Announcement


…via Billboard Magazine I assume`