Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-29-2020


OK, here is a great set of pictures showing the Special Instruction Cards made for a few of the Bingos`


In 1953 and 1954`…Bally felt the need to make cards for the top of the backbox for the game and you hardly ever see them; especially together like this. These cards simply didn’t survive the time, the years. Either they were never posted or they were destroyed by the players and/or lost over time as the machines were moved around from location-to-location`












Pretty Cool`…They definitely draw attention to the machines and are really needed in some case like Hi-Fi with its unique Bump feature`


It didn’t hurt at all to give a little extra guidance, now that they were involving players like they were. Giving players the opportunity to physically control the machine`…things were changing and Bally responded`




Of course they provided smaller copies for the center spot on the apron, but still a neat idea`










Photos courtesy of Mike William Glauda


Thanks Mike






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