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Created 07-04-2020


When I started following the games and saw all of the history in Europe, I started wondering about other

Continents and Countries ….for some reason, for South America, I suspected that the games had made their

way down into Peru, Brazil, and Argentina ~ So I started searching and I am glad I did`


This company below “Sacoa” is still in business and today and I see that they have a few photos from the 50s posted`

I now wonder if they have others, I think I will email them and find out ~ That would be great`





Argentina Distributor Operator



19/9/07 - Sacoa 50th Anniversary in the industry.


It was 1957 when the visionary Mauricio Mochkovsky and his son Jorge started the company, operating jukeboxes and bally bingos in bars and sports clubs in Argentina. Later, sons Alex and Ricardo joined in, and in 1969 the company opened its first Sacoa Family Entertainment Center in Mar del Plata, which was a huge success, before the word FEC was ever used in the States. Third generation -Jorge's sons, Sebastian, Pol and Andres- made its mark on the evolution of a company that quickly became the largest entertainment operator in the country, and is nowadays a household name in Argentina, with over twenty centers all over the country. In the early '90s, Jorge realized they needed a much better way to control the business, keep track of the revenue, rotate games wisely, modify prices to compensate for inflation, and avoid theft. The solution began to take shape, and by 1993 the first Sacoa Entertainment store to replace the traditional tokens for a computerized magnetic debit card system went on-line. The almost immediate 30% revenue-rise derived in the system being installed at all their centers around the country in less than a year. The system's hardware and software were developed and manufactured by a sister company called Sacoa Playcard Systems which initially sourced all Sacoa FECs and soon started exporting to other countries. Being experienced operators and having their own locations to test new system features and see the results immediately helped in bringing customer operators a sense of…







….courtesy of Playmeter Magaizne`


Yes I agree, that sentence reads a bit odd, but I think those pins with no-flippers were Bingos`




Image 13



…it would be great if they had some old pictures of some of the Bingos that made it down there in the 50s`