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~ If I lived out Virginia-Way _ I’d make sure I lived near Steve Smith _ Steve has a lot of fun with the bingos! ~


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Hi Danny -  here’s a short story with some photos, some humor and bingo news  … post whatever you see fit. (Oct 10th, 2010)

(Tie photo and article pending).







I attended the Whiterose Gameroom Show again this year and as usual hung out with Jeffrey Lawton who normally brings two bingos. This year (along with his buddy Sal) they were Roller Derby and Malibu Beach . Jeffrey had a nice lift that made it way easy to attach the heads without lifting a thing. We set them up in the parking lot and rolled them into the show.



Unlike previous years someone else brought a couple of six card games with the backglasses altered to say “Single Coin”. I played them and they worked nicely but must confess that six card games just don’t do it for me. I guess if you played them long enough you’d memorize the cards but I had to do my own number calling. This is something I often do when playing my magic screen games – Call out the numbers needed for a hit and make sure I look at each hole on the playfield before I shoot to kind of plot the course of my shot plus it helps me remember which numbers I need.



If you’re not familiar with the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter is a wizard and these wizards call non-wizards (normal folks) Muggles.  Soooo since I’m a pinball kind of guy and defiantly not a pinball wizard -  I figured a good nickname for me would be “Pinball Muggle” and that’s what I now go by on RGP. I had jokingly made a comment to my wife about getting a wizard costume to wear at the show and - blamo- she brings one home. So I donned this get-up at the show for a bit of light hearted festive fun but only played the bingos while wearing it. With the sunglasses I kind of looked like “Cousin It”.





Saturday (the last day of the show) Eddie Conwell and I went through the flea market area to see what was new for the day. At the end there was a truly beautiful United Hawaii bingo (but without legs). The thing was near mint. Mirrored backglass about a 9 the cabinet was 9.9 and playfield was a 10. A lucky young lady had just bought it for $75 saying it would be her next project. (I should have offered her $200 on the spot).


After the show we all had supper and Jeffrey brought his 10 year old grand-daughter Bailey to our room to play some more pinball (Bailey beat him) and go through his new book. He has two pre-release copies and I almost talked him into giving me the one he brought. He said “Tell you what, I’ll give you the very first one and note it so.” I said “Okay that makes a good story – but still not as cool a story as getting a noted pre-release copy before they’re even out”.



Next is a shot of Jeffrey and Eddie going through the book and talking about it while Bailey is playing my restored Little Chief set up in our hotel room. Just after I took this shot Eddie said something about the United Pixies backglass and nice looking girls on it.


Here’s a photo of the front and back jacket (same as the cover) so you have the record.

The book can be pre-ordered now at – it should be available in six weeks or so.

Or you can get a personalized one directly from the author.



I said “I like a lot of United’s artwork more than Bally’s and Pixies was one of my favorite – I like those Pixie girls but not as much as Tinkerbelle … she’s hot”.


Never looking up Bailey said “You love a fairy”.


We were rolling  !!!


Bailey kept playing pinball and played it cool.












 _ Laugh _








Thank you Steve


`You Rock`






……Once upon a time: Eddie, Jeff, Steven, and Bailey went to Whiterose……