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Well, I think this really is my “last update” – I just don’t have the patience to track some of this stuff and more – laugh!


I started this page years ago to help show off a few of the “really rare” Bingos _ Lotto _ Miss Disco _ Dixie – etc,


…but I think I will keep this page out here because it helps show that “on everyone” of the 7-Card games, that final card is part of a Bonus Feature!


…which is really kind of Cool and maybe a natural choice for the 6-Card format


_ all of the text below is from 2010 _




Playmatic liked the 7-Card format and it’s not hard to imagine it was a natural progression for the machines they built, holding with the bingo-traditional of always building some extra into the next game designed _ Perhaps this was Playmatic’s means-and-design-capability of building upon the earlier 6-Card bingos that helped lead to their forming up in the early 80s. Following-suit, from the slow increase in the number of features on each game, it looks like Lotto built upon Miss Disco and Dixie upon Lotto.




Euro_Recel_Flip bingo Space Game appears to have come out in that same timeframe and was heading down the same design path!



Wimi started the Belgium-Boys down this path and there it was a perfect evolution, helping support their popular One Ball format without having to add in any mechanical-movement or fancy-electronics to double-duty one or more of the cards _ Even now this format makes since from a design-standpoint, and you see them carry this theme into their new games with the TFT monitors and digital-video where they can encompass many games in the 7th-Cards place.















~ Before it’s all-said-and-done, I think we are going to see a few more of these games hit the scenes! ~



~ Please help me identify who makes these bingos and please provide some pictures if you can – Thank you! ~










































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