Created on 07-20-2020



I have been waiting for this image for a very long time ~ Finally`


Bally Shoot-a-Line` …a 6-Card Bingo with a 28-hole playfield ~ Very Unique Huh`


…now check this out,




I have always wondered if there would only be (4) cards in-play for the 5-in-Line`



Wondered if (2) of the cards would always only have (4) #’s on them at the end of 5-balls shot`


Like this example above and Card #2 and Card #4


Much higher payouts than all of the other 6-Card bingos, but much much harder to hit`


On the 6-Card machines there is no such thing as an Extra Ball`




I would love to see Phil B do the math on these`























I wonder