Bingo Pinballs

Created on 03-22-2020



In 2016 Mr. Holder was having a bit of fun with his “new” Bally Miss Universe`



Courtesy Jim Holder and titled “another one” _ Smile`



Jim was referring to getting another 5-in-line, which you “can do” on Miss Universe.


In fact, you can also hit 6-in-Line with a little luck`


With “only” 3 balls no-less, which is all you get`


This is a very unique Bingo`


New, New, New


…oh yeah, and New`


Miss Universe Lower Playfield


Courtesy of the IPDB`


Starting with an 18-hole format and a bit of a drop to get down there, smile`


…yes, and with those springs and a unique bumper pattern, a lot more action`















Yeah, you can have (3) number lit before you even shoot your first ball`






Jim loves this thing, smile`






















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