Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-20-2019


Randal is “on it” here, this is just a Sweet game below`



(2) Extra Balls played and that is an “enabled feature” before you are eligible

…for Spot-a-Number he chose the 16

He was able to light the “A”

The Last letter in the HA-VA-NA and was able to choose Extra In-Line Scores giving him the Diagonals


…had Extended Play and used it on the 4th-Ball


I don’t know how many nickels he had into this game, but at a 150 payout, he walked away with $7.50`

Which in 1954` was some serious bank – Flowers and dinner for the wife, drinks, and a movie`








Trust me, that was a fun game – These are great Bingos`