Bingo Pinballs

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~ Steve Smith Kindly Shares ~



From: Steve Smith
Subject: Golden Gate Four Color Hit
To: "Danny Leach" , "Jeffrey Lawton"
Date: Friday, April 30, 2010, 7:24 PM


I felt like sharing this with some folks who might appreciate it.


Photos attached


(FYI- The reflections across the game name are Christmas lights on the ceiling of the “Manshop” for proper ambiance during such sessions)


Playing some bingo the other night (actually testing for a feature - I think I was trying to light a GATE game with the TWO IN THE GOLD lit because

I hardly ever see it happen) and kind of “fell into” a first for me.


Magic screen lit to "G” with After 5th Ball lit - Landed a "Tee" shaped pattern. The yellow and green both hit on the straight bingo card –moved to

position “A” on the magic screen for the red hit then to position “G” for 3 in the Blue.


My "first ever" four color hit ... Yeay!.


Wish I’d built up the odds more but I’m still lovin’ it.


Your turn … =)


All the Best,

Steve Smith

Richmond VA.