Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-10-2010 _ Last Update 3-27-2016


_ Not much of a picture I admit (from the ole-days) but it still hints at an elegant story! _


Bahama Beach - Smaller Bahama Beach - Smaller


~ Now the set-up and odds were a little tricky on these Bingos – Smile ~


Bahama Beach was one of Bally’s 20-Hole “Mystic Line” games and had their “Double/Triple” scoring feature. In just a quick look at the running odds across the lower center area of the backglass, it looks like this player only had the 1st-Odds-Row illuminated for 75, 16, 4 payouts on each Color Section – Although true, the player here still did alright, also having the “Lit Color Scores Doubled” feature enabled under the “Double/Triple” scoring section.


…four Star Zones that also count in Section Scoring??


Yeah, the Bingos Rock!








“This was a true game, Bud didn’t cheat to line-up this win – Shortly after this 1972 game, he sold this pin!”


~ Unfortunately, the camera technology back then was limited and scanning only washed the photos out further ~















Thanks Bud`