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~ This is a common bingo question: Is there anywhere you can still play bingo pinballs ~


~ The surprising answer is Yes – These are all post-1990 sightings of Bingos still out for public use ~


~ all posts are from the google usernet forum ~





rgordo@tampabay: Marty's Playland in Ocean City, Maryland (boardwalk) has 12 or so. All of the new Stern titles,

plus some older WMS. Even a Star Trek 1978 Bally. There is even an old Horse Race Game and Bingo.




Sept 2005: If you get down to St. Louis City (which is it's own county and not to be confused with St. Louis County for those not

familiar with St. Louis), mainly from Anheuser-Busch and parts south, there are actually a bunch of bingos around.  Usually they

are in old time hole-in-the-wall bars that have been around for years and have enough space to house them.  These places typically

have a lot of character to them and are fun to go to for a drink or two and talk with the regulars.  I don't know the individual names

of the places because I've probably only gone in them once in my life with some friends and generally don't search out bingos. If

you don't want to search these bars out, you might try Eat-Right diners.  They tend to have usually one, maybe two bingos.

Remember, if you don't Eat-Right, then don't eat at all!  Get a slinger while you're at it. JR




Now 2000 San Francisco: Interesting find - we were traveling bar to bar today looking for new places to play pinball in San Francisco,

and we came across Club 93, @ 93 9th Street.  A very traditional looking, wood floor, big, dark bar, generally aging clientele.  Went

in looking for pinball, and found three bingo machines.  A 1952 United Mfg. Co. Show Boat, and two 1955 Triple Play's.  25 cents

each play, all in great condition.  Show Boat had some peeling in the backgalls, but the Triple Play's were great.  It was great to

see these things still working, and on a location - in the perfect setting for them. cj




Nov 2001: I live in Virginia and use to play a "Golden Gate" bingo pinball in
the back room of a diner in Bon Air (Richmond area). Ol' Earl use to
pay out (under the table) ... He's long dead now and I would be
willing to go to Maryland or Atlantic City to play legally.
Best Wishes,

Steve in Richmond VA




Phil 1998: A few years ago there was a list of arcades and the machines they had
up and running on the internet. One of the places in Ocean City had a
Silver Sails on location then. I have no idea if it's still there.




Gary Nov 2001: I know a little "store" in PA where there are 4 bingos in plain site.  The little store also has a much larger

back room nearly double the size of the store which I suspect houses the video poker machines.




Ripple Oct 2005: Bingo pinball is alive and well in the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh. In fact I know of 3 places that removed flipper machines

and video games and replaced them with bingos. The next 3 nights I will be playing IMO the hardest of all bingo pinball games, the 28 hole 6

card Shoot-A-Line. Tomorrow night is our league night and then we play open games for points. I cannot comment on the reason behind them

going out of style because I can go to many business' that still have them. In the town I grew up in you could find them in any corner store, pool

hall, bar club etc. The largest number of machines in one place was a store in our town they had 10 bingos lined up against a far wall, every machine

was being played at any given time. Today I know of one place that has 6 machines all of them in mint condition. The owner cleans them at least 3

times a week, the man and his son are fanatics over the machines.




Remy Jun 1998 Last time I was in the Reno-Sparks area, there were two nickel bingos in
the Buffalo Bar, across from John Ascagua's Nugget in Sparks......good
luck!'ll need it!




Oball Jun 1998: Without the gambling aspect, Bingos have very little play value.  I have
been trying for quite a while, with no success, to find any location
where bingos are used, legally, for gambling.  No luck.  I have run
across some being enthusiastically played with gambling, but no legal
ones.  There are two machines on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland
at 9th Street which are actually used for amusement purposes.  I
remember playing them, legally, in Southern Maryland when they and slots
were legal there up until the late 60's or so.



Puerto Rico 2001: Amusement Arcades Known locally as a "salon de juego", they can't be easily missed with the noise they create. Open from early

morning to late at night, they are all located within each of the three shopping centres here. For Ping-Pong you'll need to go to the back of the Centro

Commercial as this is the only public table I know of. Otherwise, all the others are pretty much standard with slot-machines for gambling away

your spending money, various arcade and video games, rides for the smaller children, pool tables, "test your strength"

games and look out for the Spanish bingo/pinball machines!




Ned Feb 2003: Bingos are still being operated in the St.Louis area at a nickel a pop
and bring in enough money to support at least three families
comfortably. Within a 10 mile radius of my home I can play a "County
Fair", "Beach Time", "Miss America", "Bikini", "Laguna Beach", and
"Sun Valley". The other half of the take has been paying the rent at
these locations for years. I must say that the operators in this area
keep their games in tip top condition. In almost 40 years of bingo
playing I have rarely seen a game down. These games are so much fun.
You just have to take the time to understand the rules. And it takes a
ton of skill to keep a ball in play without flippers!  Ned.........



Steve March 1995: I saw a Miss America (MA-1050, 2-9-77) in my hometown over Spring Break.  It's one of those bingo-types where you

launch several balls, slide the bars on the bingo boards left and right, and try to get 5-in-a-row. It's a redemption-type game; in high

school my friends and I played one at a place that gave cash prizes for won credits. Is this considered a "real" pinball?  I was surprised to

not see it in the database, as I remember seeing at least 4 in my lifetime across the country (they seemed to be very popular at Myrtle Beach in '77). Later, Steve




Keith 2010: There are still bingos here.  Very very scarce.  There is one of them proudly on display in a Laundromat over by Canton

Ohio right off route 43.  It plays but I don't know if you could cash out.  It's a six card. 




2002: Charleston SC

The Brick
Downtown, 213-B East Bay St.
Come for the dart lanes, stay for the F&B-friendly atmosphere.

This warmly lit pub offers plenty of space and roomy booths for knocking back a few pints. Their happy hour (5-8 p.m.) offers $2 Bud Select and Yuengling

drafts, plus $3 well drinks. The real draw of The Brick is the dart lanes. Simply approach the bartender for the house darts and take aim!

PLUSES: Four dart lanes, one pool table, an old bingo pinball machine, Golden Tee, and delicious brews on tap. (—Sara Miller)




Apr 2007: Vic Camp wrote:
> What was the name of the bingo you were playing ?

I don't recall but it was a Bally.  I can check Friday.  It's in a
nightclub/bar in Knoxville, TN.  I'll give it another try.  My technique
is pretty poor.  Whenever I tried to nudge the ball, I tilted.




Unknown 2004: 1960 Big Wheel


On Christmas Eve the usual customers were drinking coffee in the Big Wheel. There were the truckers,

Les, Frank, and Jim, and a state trooper named Joe. A few musicians were hanging around after a gig

at the Legion and were dropping nickels in the bingo pinball machine. The regulars all just sat around and

talked through the wee hours of the morning and then left to get home before the sun came up.