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Now here is what I consider a “family of bingos” due to their similar cabinets and unique backglass features and layout;


The 1st in this series is Golden Sixties and with how “chessy” the font and graphics of the banner are, your first thought

might be that this game is just s treet-spin and/or knock-off, but check out those center game features, they are not

one-to-one with any of the 2-Card bingos we saw GAA, Sirmo, and Wimi release in the early years….




~ Now toss in that there were more than one of these things _ The pics above are two Different bingos ~




OK, now that is the Bally Miss America playfield and it is easy to recognize it again down below on the Hollywood Fever game, that also has

the same set of unique features _ Now back that up with all of these games have the sculpted upper cabinet and same “old style” lower

cabinet and its not to far a stretch to say that they are all of the same timeframe, hence all of the same family.


 You know me: I’ll step out there, so: At some point in the early 90’s, it’s my guess that some 3rd-Party was converting Wimi machines and

they were pretty advanced, pretty knowledgeable and with resources. I say Wimi because G.A.A. never used the Miss America Supreme playfields,

like we know Wimi did on the Miss Bonus bingos - etc. I say 3rd-Party because of that hand-made KDU, because of the backglass artwork, and

because of the other bingos below which I think were all made by the same person/business. I say advance and with resources, because

these bingos aren’t simple knock-offs where the person simply switched out backglasses – This Golden Sixties is not one-to-one with any bingo

and the differences are those two top bonus meters and that means “added features”…………….


Now I suggest Wimi and G.A.A. because in 1990, they both used these sculpted wood cabinets and both released 2-Card games

with the Magic Number format, which were French CanCan and Miss Belgium Turbo that are the only other 2-Card Magic Numbers bingos

beside this group of unknown games……..  Hmmm!



~ The same 90ish cabinets  & Same Crowned playfield – With a little different theme, this could have been a great tribute to United ~


~ This is clearly a street-spin (maybe) and I include it because it has the unique feature set _ Obviously it was suppose to be a tribute to the Broadways ~


~ Miss A Supreme PF ~


~ Check out the top right and lower right corners – Hmmm! – This is a key bingo to help identify this company ~


~ Please reference the Hollywood on the right ~





Now I had this bingo posted as a separate webpage on 7-01-2011, but as I review these “Unidentified games” _ It

clearly belongs here and with the moniker “Golden” in the game-name – I am not Surprised:


~ The Golden Cup is some weird in-the-middle Dead Years / Dead Zone game ~


~ Based upon these pictures: There are at least two of these floating around Belgium! ~



Now that odd Magic Number feature left-of-center was only used on Wimi’s 1990 Miss Belgium Turbo and

the Star-Burst writing around the game name bares a resemblance to Miss Bowling Golden’s 1990 artwork,

but the overall features are not one-to-one with either bingo pinball, especially with that odd Bonus Box.



Now toss in the Sirmo Miss Americana playfield from 1984 and that odd bank of meters and

I am not too sure what we got here or who it’s from – Sirmo was including the word Golden in

their game names, but perhaps an unknown smaller player was involved somewhere in there too.












This is a large set of games! So again, its my guess that what we have here is a private-party spinning and running their own games – So who are they?















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~ Bingo-Style Pinballs – More Unknown Belgium History ~



















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