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Started 12-29-2007 

Updated 07-03-2010



So, do ya gotta enough balls to claim you invented the two card games!


A direct quote is from Splin’s Website:


SPLIN Company is the major bingo manufacturer in Belgium. It belongs to Mr. Alexis DUPUIS who is nobody else than the inventor of the first electronic 2 cards bingo born in 1978.


Now you have to read that kind of carefully, because it is really might be saying the man was born in 78’ and he invented the first electronic (solid-state) 2-Card bingo, which always has had me curious – Splin seems to have been started in 1990 and Phil’s pages do not list any 2-Card Bingos for Splin where his list is up through 2003 and only two for Show Games from 1990 – Texas and Miss Florida, so this is one of the things I hope to unravel as we continue to showcase these Rock’n Bingo Pinballs


~ Bally started off the trend with their Miss America and although electro-mechanical, she’s still definitely 2-Card Cool! ~


~ Phil’s site lists Wimi’s 2-Card Magic Lines games starting in 1990 ~



~ Behind them, there are quite a few of these both new-and-old to review ~





~ With help form a few people, I will also get into their Internals ~


~ Although the 6-Card machines seem to rule-the-roost – I really like the 2-Card bingos ~


~ And really the features are a varied as the long list of names! ~


~ These are pretty bingos at night, with the traditional moving and scaling features and odds ~


~ Uniited’s Manhattan was out before most of the mechanical-movement bingos, but man were they close! ~


~ But this tribute to Splin still may tell the whole story – Let’s get started and see! ~


~ Stay Tuned! ~