Bingo pinballs

Created on 10-28-2014


OK, when I made this page, I didn’t list any detail`


Today in trying to figure this out, I noticed three things:


First, other than the configuration of (3) capacitors, this is the same CPU that is in Miss Americana

In Miss Americana Triple Bonus there is only (1) cap in that location and it is diagonal to that board space`





Second is that little photos of the Bingo right there, that shows this was one of the “knock-offs”

I never posted that picture, but it looks like it is this machine`



So, know I know the source – I have posted this several times never knowing`



Third, that Sirmo actually did make a Miss America



The ad clearly says “Miss America” not “Miss Americana” not “Triple Bonus” - etc


So, it looks like we need to be a bit careful here, but maybe they all are similar in design`