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“Your Bingo doesn’t operate correctly” _ Well, don’t give up!!


~ You can Master these machines ~


Here is a wonderful example Roger Morden emailed me!!










Aug 10, 2011

Hi. I just fixed up a Super Wall Street and brought it back to original. It had been heavily modified for the purpose of paying out less. The double or nothing feature was lit on a random basis. When you pushed the C button it automatically paid out. The R and D buttons weren't used. The random unit circuit board had several traces scratched away so the advantage was reduced. It also had extra wiring and an adjustment plug for liberal or conservative.

The most ingenious mod I found was a hidden light bulb. As I was removing all the extra wire, one went through the light panel. When I looked at the front I couldn't find it. A wooden block with a hollow back was glued onto the white panel and was also painted to blend right in and look like it belonged there. Underneath the block was a light bulb hot glued into the block.

This is getting very interesting now. Turns out it was a blinking type bulb. I thought this was absolutely incredible. They had used a blinking bulb as an in line relay. If you managed to get through all the other hacks you still had to make it through the bulb relay to finally get your double. When I first got the game roughly playing it wasn't very fun and quite boring.

Once put back to original it was actually quite fun to play. I guess the moral of the story is a game will earn and eventually you will lose but if the entertainment value was good, you will walk away happy. To be outright ripped off is not fun. I have worked on 4 bingos and every one had some sort of hack. I have sold the game now to a gentleman who used to play in his youth and hasn't played for years. He decided to start a collection and this is his first game. It is nice to rekindle memories for people.

One product I used for repairing the light panel was called quick wood. It is an epoxy putty that is very easy to use. Just cut off the amount you need and knead it by hand. It dries in an hour and can be sanded and painted. The light panel had sections missing between bulbs and light would bleed through places it shouldn't. The putty was a quick easy fix that could be shaped as required.



















~ Very Nice ~


Thank you Roger!!