Bingo Pinballs

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Tilt` …a bit crooked, but I just love this picture!


This is a pretty decent picture of a Bally Nashville playfield that shows just how “pretty”

these games light up at night, light up in the dark corner of some old bar – Nice`




Now here is a game that we need some good photos of the Player Cards`

You see, there may be several scoring configurations ~ Yeah`


Just what did Bally print and release – What did the Owner/Operators later do – etc`


…and what the heck is that top card on the left, it is on some bingos and not others`













…some trivia for you`


…the 4, 6 is a pretty good set of holes to start with on Nashville`


…the 22, 23 not so much, smile, it is never good to have two side-by-side numbers on a 6-Card`



…also the 22 is a Magic Number`