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This is a post I found at the blogspot linked to below and I really like this one because it gives us a new “search clue” we can use in trying to hunt down the Belgium Bingos:


~ Check out the first paragraph and the reference of “slots” _ Very Cool ~


This is all pretty straightforward.  You are probably reading this, thinking "Brussels sounds a lot like my city - there are a handful of machines scattered around at various locations."  That's true, but only for actual pinball, what the French-speaking world calls "Flipper."  Where things start to get weird is with a game that the French-speaking world calls "Slots."  These games are in every neighborhood bar that I saw in Brussels, and they look like this:



Every time we walked by a bar, my inner pinball alert went off - PINBALL!  But no, Max told me, these were just shaped like pinball machines, they were not pinball at all.  Check it out, they don't even have flippers!





Old school, right?  I didn't play, because I learned years ago that I don't do well with gambling.  But basically, you pick your numbers on the screen in the backbox and then launch your balls and try to nudge them into the appropriate holes.  This seemed so crazy to me! In America, we have spent years and years trying to distance ourselves from pinball's gambling past, but in Europe (or at least in Belgium) that past is thriving!  Max said that every bar had one of these machines and that there was usually an old drunk, plunking his last few Euros into these machines, in the hopes of winning enough money to buy himself another drink.  We even walked by while one was spitting out coins for a winner (the highest award possible is 20 euros).


I can't overstate how commonplace these machines were.  In 10 days I saw hundreds of them!  We even drove by a repair shop that only serviced these machines.  Crazy, right?!  Now if we could only replace them with "Flipper" machines...


Anyways, thanks for Max for taking me all over the city to find some pinball.  I can now proudly say that I have played pinball on another continent!  Thanks too to Colin for his great site.  If you are playing pinball in Europe, you should set up an account so you can add new locations and update others.  I'll add a link to our sidebar.


On an unrelated side note, I have a new pinball comic up over on the Stern blog, about something funny that happened to Jon and me before I left on my trip!


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