Bingo Pinballs

Created on 03-29-2014



Here is a Miss Bowling Golden with a really nice Win showing how pretty these machines light up`

Here the player took advantage of purchasing two Extra Balls and the games awarded a Magic Number`





Although pretty, if you look closely a couple of things are odd here`


First, the win is not registered and that seems really odd to me, since this machine in on the Internet “for sale”


There are (4) displays on these bowling games and really only one that counts, smile …the Replay Meter`



The other meters right below the two cards are Bonus Meters`




The one immediately below the cards is for a win on the bowling pin …the Golden Bonus`

The ultimate payout here for 5-in-Line on the pin …a Skittle game`


The two meters just below that are for the “cross games”  …the “+” and “x” Wins that replace the common Corners game`




Also odd are the missing lights on the Extra Card, the right bingo card …many are out`

So likely something is wrong with this machine`


…anyway a nice Win`



The player has a 4-in-Line win in the Yellow and at odds, worth 96` - Not Bad`

If this is a Euro machine, that is basically $100 USD,


OK, our guy purchased three Extra Balls to get it and that cost him some, but he still made out pretty good`








…odd, but still Cool`